fight club girl


fight club

You Belong in Fight Club

Rules? What are those? You create your own rules. You are good at influencing people and making them do your bidding. You hide your insecurities and vulnerability with your tough exterior.


:::what movie do you belong in:::


20 Responses to fight club girl

  1. californiablogging

    It said, Curious George! That’s just great! I am a cartoon.

  2. max

    Watch out, Sulya has a crush on the guy in the yellow hat, she is going to be all over a Curious George connection.

  3. Donnie Darko –

    You are cunning and witty and tend to spend a lot of time in your own little world. You belong in a creative world that can fit your curiosity and imagination.

  4. O Dear – looks like I’m going to be greaT BUT ALONE. Great! My kids tell me that Napolean Dynamite is a good film so now I guess I’d better find out just how good.

  5. sulya

    You belong in JUNO – With a graceful and good natured personality, your dreams can come true! You are a romantic at heart and can express your true feelings. Your soulmate will be someone you can relate to.

    californiablogging; max is not wrong. I’m now going to need to see at least three photos of you in canary yellow. (wink)

  6. sulya

    as an addendum – Wouldn’t just about ANYBODY’S soulmate be someone they could “relate to” – I mean isn’t that the whole damn point?

  7. Dan


    I did not see that coming. I’m great and all, but I’d rather be in JUNO…because that Ellen Page is just the prettiest, most awesome gal ever.

  8. Daniel

    Donnie Darko

    Although I can’t figure out which question(s) and answer convicted me of being cunning as I am rather transparent.

  9. aj

    You belong in Napolean Dynamite.

    With a sense of rebellion and urges to be alone all the time, you will go far but be close to no one. This is the price of greatness.

  10. max

    Clearly they do not know you are a man hog and have a whole closet full of non-alone.

  11. FINDING F*%_*&# NEMO?


  12. Here’s a favorite quote of mine on rules – from Thomas Edison – which I think sums it up quite well…

    “Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.”

  13. max

    Oh I like that. I am going to have to find ways to toss that into conversation.

  14. slowburn33

    JUNO?!?! Are you shitting me?!

    F#*%ING JUNO…


  15. slowburn33

    AHA! But then I took the Hidden Talent Quiz and it told me it is WRITING!!


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  17. I too am Fight Club. See you in the pit!

  18. max

    Ooh la la. Fight!

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