fifty posts in waiting : part i


ghost charmerI write —

Lots of little thoughts here and there around here and then do not post them and what this has resulted in is this huge number of posts waiting to be posted, cut, edited, maybe posted, maybe not, something.

Something being the big word.

It is a dialogue into the now and then that sometimes sees day.

And sometimes does not.

Because half the time it gets erased when it is from a time passed.

This makes the number of actual posts waiting if you include “ghost posts that are now gone” posts scary but —

I kind of do not like that.

I kind of hate erasing thoughts or making them into ghost posts when once they were living.

I have thoughts, I move past them, but I still like them.

I think I will post them.

Once in a while.



:::fifty posts in waiting : part i:::
:::fifty posts in waiting : part ii:::


where the art work comes from :
that is the ghost charmer by francis a. willey

9 Responses to fifty posts in waiting : part i

  1. I write at least a couple of posts a day and save them, then delete about ten a week. Some of them I wish I could get back.

    “ghost posts that are now gone”

    I love that. I would love to see them.

  2. max

    A lot of them are still kicking around saved. Some days I get in a mood and write a whole bunch of posts at once, then other days I do not write any posts but I have a whole bunch of things I wrote before so there is something to post whether I write a post that day or not. All my writing is like that. A whole lot some days, nothing other days.

  3. It’s not easy letting go of one’s writing. It’s almost as if you’re tossing away a tiny piece of yourself. A psychic [from a long long time ago] told me to keep every little thing I write and stick it in a shoebox. How did he know I didn’t have a PC? Oh yeah, he’s psychic.

    Anyway, understand how you feel. Nice pic, BTW.

  4. I like to do the ‘guess what happened to me’ type of a post- and sometimes for no reason some thought just demands to be heard and up on the Bones Blog it goes.

    The story blog is harder, but gosh I love it.

  5. Kym

    I’d like to get ahead by even one post. I’m always struggling frantically to squeeze in today’s post (I hate it when I don’t succeed.)

  6. max

    Anita you crack me up.

  7. californiablogging

    Oh this was a lovely post about about posts. Poetess Max!
    Holy crap half the things I write become my own mortal enemies! : )

  8. max

    Thanks Miss Jen. I love that “half the things I write become my own mortal enemies.” That is hilarious.

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