fierce femme


You —

Are A Fierce Femme

You have a wild side, and you aren’t afraid to bring it out when the time is right. But you also know when to hang back and keep your “crazy chick” persona in check. In fact, some of your friends may be surprised to find out how far you can take it. You may look mild mannered, but it’s all an act.


:::are you a daring woman:::


where the art work comes from :
that is from jennifer esperanza

0 Responses to fierce femme

  1. Dan

    You a “Fierce Femme”? Doy.

  2. Kym

    You? Mild mannered? :snicker:

  3. I’m Fierce…wow…that’s a surprise.

  4. max

    I do so look mild mannered.


  5. max

    [wow, dan, a new avatar that shows off your pretty blue eyes, nice]

  6. Dan

    Aw shucks…thanks.

  7. I really need to read these quiz titles before I take them, but I got ‘fierce femme’ too

  8. I got the same as you, although on me it’s more plausible. If you’re going to slink around being the Blonde Assassin, you’ve got to expect some blowback in the mild-mannered reputation.

  9. Kym

    I really think you should test drive these little quiz thingees by trying out the quiz with a sub-personality. I got the same as you and I’m so mild mannered Casper Milquetoast has me intimidated.

  10. max

    Right. Um, that would be the Casper Milquetoast black belt, right?

  11. I can totally see that.

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