feral birds : part iii




It is pretty cool having the birds around. Today I put oatmeal on the balcony for the little birds so they and the big birds did not collide over some piece of savory bird offering that might result in unfortunate bird bloodshed.

So all day while I was working my ass off on the computer, I had little birds visiting the balcony behind me and could hear their feathers shush shush shush and every once in a while a really industrious tiny bird smacking a hardened chunk of pita bread on the balcony floor or guard rail to break it up.

It is good to be surrounded by animal energy. Something living that is not just me or text on a computer screen or words or music electronically reproduced.


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:::feral birds : part iii:::


where the art work comes from :
that is dove in a c√≥rdoba’s square by Adorna2007

[also it is a bit altered please do not get riled Adorna]


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  1. All that’s missing from this picture is a cat…yep…a cat…

  2. And a camera!

    For me birds represent freedom. For you to be stuck behind a computer and be surrounded by birds balances it all out.

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