feral birds : part ii




I wonder if this is one of those imagined relationships like the ones stalkers have, where if you post that you have a cold they think that is secret code meant for them that means you are thinking about them and would have them over for tea in a second if your dumb friends had not convinced you to take out restraining orders against them. Five times. In three different states.

[I really do not want to be a deranged stalking wild feral birds lady who imagines a non-existent secret relationship with birds.]


:::feral birds : part i:::
:::feral birds : part ii:::
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where the art work comes from :
that is dove in a c√≥rdoba’s square by Adorna2007

[also it is a bit altered please do not get riled Adorna]


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  2. The birds would not stick around if they did not like your energy.

  3. max

    Say, that is right. Those birds are stalking me. Whew!

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