feral birds : part i




It occurs to me with all this bird action around here I may have turned out even worse than I worried I might. For a while there I thought I might end up The Mad Dog Woman of Laurel Canyon.

[So did my neighbors. They kept round the clock surveillance and when there were sightings of me whenever I left or came back to the house they got very excited and clustered around the window and whispered so loud about me I could hear them across the street. “She’s leaving the house! She is wearing the red dress again! Shh! She’ll hear you!” Really. I am not making that up. One time a friend picking me up said, “Um, why are your neighbors whispering really loud, ‘She’s with a man!'”]

Also there was the cliché of the single woman with too many cats to worry about. Which I sort of worried about. Except not really. I knew I was probably safe there Jones would have kicked any other cat’s ass just for talking to me. But now. No dogs. No cats.


Wild birds.

Wild feral birds I think I have some sort of relationship with.


:::feral birds : part i:::
:::feral birds : part ii:::
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where the art work comes from :
that is dove in a córdoba’s square by Adorna2007

[also it is a bit altered please do not get riled Adorna]


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  1. I love birds. When are you going to take some photos of them for us?

  2. max

    That is funny I have had the camera out and have been practicing with the zoom feature. The birds are camera shy and not being cooperative though. I can stand looking at them for an age, then I pull out the camera and they zoom off.

  3. I have a special relationship with wild feral men. Is that the same?

  4. max

    Feral men are way more fun.

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