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I was talking to a friend about feng shui.  I’ve been studying it a long time.  And after a period of time you stop exactly looking at the common labels for areas and start thinking about them different ways because you start to see a symmetry there.  Journey leading to fame is really where you are starting from flowing to where you wish to go.  Wisdom and relationships is really wisdom flowing to union.  Helpful friends and fortunate blessings match up as the fortunes  behind you flowing to the fortunes before you — which are not necessarily gold coin. “Family” and “creativity” are almost always mislabeled and are really what gave birth to you flowing to what you will give birth to.

Or that is how I see it so far.

There is a very old story abut feng shui. 

A man living in a cave found very old teachings about feng shui, and studied them, and applied them, and went from living in a cave to ruling a whole country.  But then he became afraid. 

If he could attain this power and life change, using feng shui teachings, then so too could other people.  People who might usurp his power.  So he brought in many wise men and he taught each man a different version of feng shui, each one with a subtle flaw, and then he sent them out into the world to teach others — but his true intent was to confuse all others who would follow in his footsteps.  And then he died and the true feng shui was lost forever.

I look at all the feng shui out there and think about that story as I see conflicting versions of it.  All similar, and all — missing some piece.

I keep looking for that missing piece.


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