feng shui & the new place


grid of leavesI feng shui —

Prospective residences in my head.

When I first see them. As I am walking through them.

I come home and draw little maps.

The new place has a kitchen in fortunate blessings.

I have never done a kitchen in fortunate blessings. I always put the office there.

A stove in fortunate blessings is okay. Fire is questionable in a wood area but stoves are all about health and fortune.

A dishwasher and sink, not so good. That is a big water drain. But, also, flowing water.

I have to suss this kitchen in fortunate blessings sitch out.

That might require serious grounding.


where the art work comes from :
that is grid of leaves by bad jonni

7 Responses to feng shui & the new place

  1. initiate

    A potted plant can ground your kitchen easily enough. And water feeds wood so that’s not so bad. Is the sink/dishwasher directly across from the stove? That’s generally not the best, but there are tricks for it. For those, I’ll need to consult my book again.

  2. max

    They are not opposed. The sink can be stoppered and the dishwasher grounded I am pretty sure. The apartment is in the fortunate blessings corner of the building and there are extensions in fame and union too. I had other places scheduled to see and did not know if I would get this one because other people were applying too but I cancelled other appointments to wait for this one and see.

  3. I like older buildings, that’s about it.
    Like, once I rented a place because I liked the windows and the molding that ran along the ceiling.

    I was really happy there.


  4. Kym

    Oddly for a reader and an inside person, I choose places because of their outsides–mostly their plants. I never have looked into feng shui

  5. max

    That is ironic to me, I ended up studying feng shui as a direct result of studying martial arts and you are all about martial arts.

  6. bletebzz

    does this stuff even work? i tried mapping out my house and i just ended up confusing wastebaskets with umbrella stands.

  7. max

    It works for me. It is not magic. You know, you do not move an etagere and presto grandma leaps out of her sick bed cured. But it is about energy and intent combining to clear and focus your attention and actions in life — the intentional focused creation of a physical manifestation of your internal desires and purpose.

    Energy and emotion move two directions, outwards, and inwards. Sort of like, if you are having a down day, put on a smile and a pretty dress and ultimately the day — and you — will be less down? Feelings of well being do now just work outwards from the interior, they work inwards from the exterior too.

    Maybe I will do a post about how I got into all this.

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