feng shui pumpkin!



A pumpkin for me. Yay!

[Seriously, are these not the coolest pumpkins you have ever seen? I know my obsession with black and white can get a little out of hand but these are too cool I must have a pumpkin this year and paint it yay!]


[They call one of those “wood grain” pumpkin but they cannot fool me that is zebra pumpkin yay!]


where those faboo pumpkins came from :
country living can you believe it?

[okay normally i do not read country living
but my amazingly stylish friend myriana
found those there she is style on the hoof]

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  1. cool – very return of the Mummy-esque

  2. max

    Don’t they rock? Wednesday is my day away from the computer go get fun supplies for pumpkins. Yay! Course I am already in to Wednesday but as long as I get everything done, I can go get pumpkins today.

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