feng shui mosaic


This is the feng shui mosaic. It is an experiment in imagery. It came about because Christie tagged me with another mosaic on Facebook and it was interesting to me the nine squares could be a bagua so I did a bagua. [Oh the shame, I created a tag, ahh!] The results were interesting to me though.




To do the feng shui mosaic —

Fill in a response for each word on the list below [no do not copy mine you goofs sub in your own] :

1. Fortune: Busted
2. Fame: Pretty Lights
3. Love: Censored
4. Family: Ow
5. Health: Striving
6. Creativity: Still Striving
7. Wisdom: Absolutely Striving
8. Journey: Tired shoes
9. Friends: Good thing

Keep these in order, placement is important. Then —

1. Type your response to each of the words into Flickr Search.
2. Using ONLY the first page, pick an image.
3. Copy and paste each image’s URL into Mosaic Maker. [Be sure to change rows to 3 and columns to 3 in Mosaic Maker to make sure there are nine spots : Mosaic Maker.]
3a. If Mosaic Maker gets tiffy, grab your own graphic program and build a mosaic.
4. Save the mosaic image and post it.
5. Link back to this post so I know to come see your mosaic.


*i am not tagging anyone here just do it if it looks fun to you


1. Dakota Bust – Sheldon, Birmingham, 2. Tree With Pretty Blue Lights, 3. TRESPASSING HANNOVER, 4. Freckles, 5. Love for sale, 6. The Impossible Dream, 7. “new” tea kettle, 8. Anomaly, 9. Tender Love and Care

0 Responses to feng shui mosaic

  1. max

    By the way, that bagua turned out a pretty accurate portrayal of my life, I am wondering if I should make another one that represents what I would like my life to be instead of what it is. [wry smile]

  2. max

    Jeez, no one is doing the feng shui mosaic?

    I so live in a feng shui wasteland. :::sigh:::

  3. There are some real cool photos in there.

  4. max

    I love the mosaic projects, they turn out great every time.

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