feng shui closet


I have —

A lot of clothes.

I mean A LOT.

They pack the closet.

[This is pretty astonishing considering how many clothes I sold off but then this is a much smaller closet than I used to have so maybe not so astonishing hmm.]

A lot of these clothes do not fit. There are the twos. Those freaking do not fit. There are other clothes that are eons old I do not even know what size I was when I bought them. There are clothes that do fit but their companion pieces got sold off getting me out of Seattle and then more got sold off hitting down in L.A. So while they fit, hello, nothing to wear them with.

[I cannot leave the house in just a shirt even for Hollywood that is TOO risqué.]

So —

Each time I go to leave the house wearing something that is not sweats I go to the closet, stare at all these clothes, and finally pull out one of three outfits I know actually still work.

This is not good.

[Also these three outfits are starting to look a little worn. Okay, a lot worn. Uh oh.]

So the other night I played dress up. Pulled every single piece out of the closet, tried every piece on, and found out what fits and what does not and I am boxing everything that does not fit.

There is not a lot left but hey at least I will be able to find something to wear.

Feng shui closet. Yay!


where the art work comes from :
that is from buddha’s ghost

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  1. I need to do the same.

    I envy your enthusiasm.

    Time to go clothes shopping, Max.

  2. max

    Well, it is basics shopping that is not as fun as “oh I just saw this cool thing I have nothing to wear with,” but I am trotting scripts in and out of the Academy and it would be a nice gesture if I did not scar Joan and Greg for life.

  3. I wish I could just order some clothes over the internet and it would be as easy as ordering pizza.

  4. max

    You are going to be so excited when I tell you about this new fangled internet thing the “sales cart.”

  5. Too risque… The next time I see a chick on the Lower East Side wearing nothing but tape I’m going to remember that and laugh!

  6. I’ve ordered clothes before but they never fit correctly.

  7. max

    Mail order is always tricky that way you never know for sure till after you get something unless you really know the line you are ordering you just have to order lots and return or exchange what does not work and cling to what does.

    Also, when is the last time you really did a fitting? You worked out a lot the size you are in your head probably does not match the size you really are now.

  8. max

    [Also, there is an old trick to mail ordering. Look hard at the models. Then pick the model built like you and stick with her. See, they are picking clothes that fit that model for her shots, and you may not like everything they put her in? But when you find the model who is built like you, you know everything they put her in is going to fit your body type. So find her first. Then look at what they put her in and pick what you like from that group.]

  9. You put it out there by cleaning the closet, now the outfits will just come, c-ohm, c-ohm, c-ohm– just keep chanting until you find something that makes you feel like a goddess.

  10. max

    Damn. I better finish boxing that stuff.

  11. sulya

    That’s awesome max. Those kind of purges take time and devotion but it feels so good. I’m with FormerlyFun on this one too in the sense that one has to make room for new things. Here’s to lovely new things!

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  13. Ooops. Forget what I said about buying more clothes!

  14. max

    Well I do have to get more clothes because I do not have some basics now. Sigh.

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