feeding the blog


Okay, I have not been feeding the blog. I know that. But, I have been doing THINGS blog. That counts, right? THINGS blog?

See, I have discovered this very cool template on WordPress and have sort of duplicated the blog there. This was an accident brought on by getting dragged into WordPress to play around with wordpress templates to see what they could do and then discovering this template there I really like. So then I had to play around to see if it was possible to import posts from a past blog to a new blog because well I do not want to lose all the old posts and hello, it is, but you better do it right the first time because you cannot re-import and playing around with this and not knowing what you are doing you lose a few posts. [Um. Oops.] But, voila, it is an ALMOST duplicate blog, with MOST of the old posts, and a prettier, though harder to operate, template.

Okay not everyone would think this is prettier but I do, I like plain, and it blends in with my other sites much better than the current template and that is sort of the point. The blend. So —

Now I have to figure out what I am going to do here. Keep the blogspot blog? Move to the wordpress blog? Throw clothes in a suitcase and run away to the island of no blogs?

Jeez. Decisions.

Oh. Go see the wordpress blog: wordpress blog

Okay, correction, stick around here, you are already at the blog I am keeping.


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