february yay yay yay!


carlinhos friereYou may not get —

All excited about February but I do that is my birthday month.


[It is the 12th send prizes.]

Also I know what I want for my birthday.


That can be worked out right?


where the art work comes from :
that is carlinhos friere shot by wowpow

[tj if you say he is gay i will swat you]

13 Responses to february yay yay yay!

  1. Happy (pending) Birthday! And a Leap Year to boot.

  2. “[tj if you say he is gay i will swat you]” – LOL!

  3. Damn…that dude has my ideal body. I need to hit the juice.

  4. I say that we declare February now be called Maxuary.

    And the guy? It can be worked out.


  5. conundrum

    I’m not going to tell you he’s *gay* but…

    He appears to be waxed from his nose to his toes and in the speedo he’s….well….small.

    Sorry Max – he is pretty to look at.

  6. Estella

    Max – please tell AJ that his body is better with those incredible shoulders of his. And so ‘sensitive’ with the wigs and wedding dress pictures too.

    Now what was that about Carlos being gay?

  7. You do not need to *hit the juice* AJ. That physique looks pretty natural. Work harder.

    Max, if I send prizes, does that mean the same hot delivery guy will, uh, deliver?

    And then you’ll get to have your cake and eat it too.

    See. It all works out.

  8. Kym

    Mmmm, he’s totally yummy!

  9. I agree with Stiletto-that’s just natural good-stuff.

    Isn’t “small” in the eye of the beholder?

    You know, Max, now I will have to take my gift back. I had a foxy guy all picked out and ready to ship, but this guy is far superior, and so I feel a little short.

  10. max

    Thanks, Woe.

    Kym, isn’t he?

    AJ, Estella says to tell you your bod is better.

    Lulu, alas.

    Stil, tragically, Cute Delivery Guy delivers groceries.

  11. oh c’mon…definitely gay

  12. oh c’mon…you’d of done the same to me…it’s what i like about you. *S*

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