february is coming

marid grasFebruary is coming. That is Mardis Gras. And Valentine’s Day. And my birthday.

Each month means things to me. May is the bad month. There is a lot stacked up in May that is bad.

But February is all good. Carnivale. Birth. Love.

I like February a lot.

The day of my birth is problematic. It is Feb 12. That is the same day Lincoln and Darwin were born. To me that means I am going to accomplish great things — or be real funny looking and violently mocked by my peers.

I am shooting for accomplish great things.

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  1. February notoriously kicks my ass every year. Last year it was alright, but I think it was just saving up for the kicker, as everything in February led to the Boyfriend Who Didn’t Really Exist. February and November.

    I’m all for going back to a 10 month calendar without those two months. Might I convince you to move your birthday forward or back a bit? :-)

  2. 212 that’s cool…… five years it will be 2 12 12 awesome! Let me take a look into the future…….great things, I put my money on, you will accomplish great things. Of course you can always go see the coffee lady. You drink Turkish coffee, turn your cup upside down and then she tells your future by reading the pictures left by the coffee grounds. I’ve tried this myself and I’ve only ever seen ducks….. Birthday count down….18……17………….

  3. max

    well I could go for August. Leo has always looked like fun. Or September, the Viro guys are always the best lovers. Not that I would know being nun and all, but I did read that on a bathroom wall.

  4. max

    Wow, I saw ducks too Jennifer. Should we be worried?

    Where do I find this coffee prognosticator?

  5. Her name is Jean Vaziri, she wrote a book so you can google her.
    Last I knew she was in Huntington Beach. There is a lady in Van nuys that gets hired for premiere parties…….she doens’t use coffee though… and there fore can’t see as far into the future as the coffee lady. I’ll email you tonight with names and numbers. And about the ducks……….it’s a mystery.

  6. I have stood on the grave of Charles Darwin, and let me just tell you. I was moved. Standing on the grave of Darwin, looking at the grave of Newton, it’s amazing how much of modern science directly depends on the contributions of the two men buried almost within arms reach of each other.

    I tried to sneak a touch of Newton’s big memorial thing over his grave, but I got busted trying to reach across the ropes by a priest guy.

    Kate and I figured it was time to leave, because he didn’t look real happy. No sense of humor those abbey guys, none whatsoever.

  7. max

    I think, personally, your worth as a human is directly related to the people you touch. Darwin and Newton touched a whole lot of people. Me, I am just trying to keep it not pervy.

  8. I’m all about touching people, but I guess you might call me your problem child in the pervy department.


  9. Oh. Should I try harder?


  10. max

    No, Sunshine. You try just hard enough to be funny and not hard enough to be dismaying or worrisome. You are a perfect balance.

  11. le sigh… I SO wish I could make mardi gras in new orleans this year… it’s been two years for me and I’m having withdrawals but I’ve already got a big vacation planned for the end of february… alas :\

    -=- christopher

    my Las Vegas blog

  12. max

    Wow. Bad planning Christopher.

  13. Thank you Max. That was so very sweet of you.

    Kisses to you.

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