fear of brazil nuts


So now —

The red terror is subsiding I have this fear of Brazil nuts. It is still not clear whether I had some kind of measles or some kind of violent allergic reaction [lasting days?] and only two things were different before it all started. One, I tried on a pair of stockings that were losing their elastic. [Those are so in the trash.] And two my store was out of hazel nuts so I bought Brazil nuts instead and was eating a lot of Brazil nuts.

To my knowledge, I am not allergic to Brazil nuts. I have eaten Brazil nuts before. But I was not allergic to grape fruit before the day grape fruit tried to kill me. [Allergies can strike like a snake, jeez.] So now I have this big container of Brazil nuts and I am afraid to eat them because… what if it was the Brazil nuts? What if they are just sitting there, waiting, plotting to strike again?


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  1. LOL! You think the same way I do… and I would probably convince myself to stay away from those nuts, just in case.

  2. Well, the Brazil Nut is the most over rated nut anyway if you ask me.

  3. Dan

    I hope it isn’t the stockings…because, y’know, mee-yow!

    I wonder if you should do a little experiment and eat one or two of the nuts-in-question and see if you have any reaction. A small dose of nuts shouldn’t cause a days-long situation, and then you might know for sure.

  4. max

    Oh my God, I can for the first time in days actually bathe in HEATED water again [have you ever had to bathe for days in FREEZING COLD water?] and you want me to EAT A NEFARIOUS AND SUSPICIOUS BRAZIL NUT????

    You are a bad bad man.

  5. max

    There are some things even I won’t do for science. One of them is eat that damn Brazil nut. :::grrr:::

  6. Dan

    I admire your conviction. Best to find another nut.

  7. Stay away from anything Brazilian! Danger, Will Robinson!

  8. You and your damned exotic nuts, Max. Come, live on the bland and boring prairie, where the stores only carry peanuts, and nothing like this ever happens.

  9. max

    Hark. What is that I hear? Exotic nut envy?


  10. T

    how much is a brazilian

  11. Yuck it up, but you’re the one who’s going to hits from pervs looking up “nut envy”.

  12. If that’s what caused it, you’ll be the second person this month to tell me they’ve had a severe reaction to brazil nuts.

  13. max

    Oh I am pretty sure “nut envy” is way down the line gummy bear porn and anita blonde porn star are way too high on the list to let a little upstart like that hold sway.

    T, I do not know, but I bet Stilleto does.

    Kitty, I do not know, and unless I take Dan’s nefarious science test I never will. I guess some time in the future I will test it to see but I am all happy finally returning to normal here I do not want to tip the scales back again.

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  15. There was a “House” last season involving Brazil Nut allergy. You should . . . not watch that episode

  16. max

    Oh jeez. Yeah, I will pass on that.

  17. Ben

    Max…. Send all surplus Brazil nuts to me!

  18. max

    I will keep them in the cupboard for guests.

    Incentive to visit. Yay!

  19. Great. Max keeps poison in the closet for her guests!

  20. max

    It is okay. Ben could walk through an irradiated forest full of poison oak while eating Martian rocks and jallapenos and never break a sweat let alone a rash. Those Brazil nuts can’t touch him

  21. I suppose he can part the Red Sea and turn water into wine?

  22. max

    Well no he does not do bodies of water. [You are so demanding.]

  23. It’s that L.A. Smog breaking playing havoc with your immune response. Damn that poison city.

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