fear and loathing with itunes


So this is totally frustrating. I bought a season pass to Grey’s Anatomy Season Three through iTunes. I figured out — and this is not intuitive — how to download the season up through the date I bought it. I did that. Though there was a whole lot of shuffling going on to make room on disks for all that, things were working out.

Now there is a new episode of Grey’s up. That I should be able to just download, right? Since I bought a “season pass” and all that?

Only it won’t show up as in a que or as ready for download or as a purchase or anything. Not on either computer. And I finally cave and go looking for somewhere to get help. Do they have a phone number? No. And all I can do is send in some dumb ticket that allegedly will receive an email response in a day or so.

I am wondering what the purpose is of even purchasing a season pass if I cannot get it to work and download new episodes as they become available. I have always done ep by ep before and that was easy. This is just annoying.

Damn you iTunes. I want my new episode of Grey’s.

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  1. What you don’t get cable?

  2. max

    No, anything television I watch is computer downloaded or on disk.

  3. I feel your frustration. I am so tired of iTunes. All the hype and little help when you need it. I’m ready to throw in the towel and buy a different MP3 player.

  4. Yeah, it’s one thing to have this faceless distribution network, and quite another to have really good support for when things go wrong.

    We’ve downloaded songs that have only half come in, and their response to our emaily cries for compensation is to advise us to just download it again. It’s only a couple of bucks, after all.

    I’d like there to be a brick-and-people shopfront in every major city in the world, a place where frustrated Apple customers can go and feel like they are getting some satisfaction.

    Not those so-called ‘resellers’ (whatever that means). They’re useless.

  5. I bought a cassette Walkman last November.

    I’ll bet the sales staff at Best Buy are still laughing at me.

  6. I haven’t used iTunes to purchase anything yet but have a card waiting to be used. The record industry just announced last month as the worst ever for CD sales. [closes eyes and jumps right into the fray]

  7. max

    I have never actually gotten music off iTunes. I just pick up tv shows I like. I am just annoyed at the Grey’s fiasco though, if I had just bought this one ep at a time this would not be a problem but I get their dumb pass and now, hello, no episode unless I just buy an episode I am supposed to already have. Very bad form, iTunes. They have bad quality picture too, it cannot be blown up without losing resolution. I may have to look for another source.

  8. ITunes kept you from seeing [*edited out and do not do that again] last night? How can we make them pay?

    I feel the same about Disney in a way. I bought the VHS then the DVD and now I have to dowload The Arisrocats! What the???

  9. max

    Shut up!

    Jeez, Jennifer, do not tell me stuff about an episode I have not seen.

    Especially do not talk about episodes because Australia is a season behind and AJ is in Australia and it would ruin season three for her.

    No Grey’s episode talk.

  10. max

    Update: iTunes fixed it and I am downloading my episode, yay!

    Okay they actually get points for moving on this pretty fast they did get it fixed in a day.

  11. aj

    Jennifer, you give Grey’s details again and people are going to hunt you down and skin you.

  12. Max, no wonder I am lossing and getting worse in tetris… I’ve been getting cursed! Sarreeeeee, Aj i thought you were ahead of us. Please don’t skin me. I’d offer up some Hail Mary’s but I don’t remember how that goes.

  13. I guess I am just pissed off at Apple in general. My laptop cord got frayed right where it meets the hole and they wanted like, EIGHTY FIVE dollars for a new one! ARGH!

    If you go to the review pages for this cord on the Apple site, you’ll see about, say, a few hundred disgruntled Apple users?

  14. max

    Oh, Jen, nothing psychos the tetrizz gods faster than spilling plot details for Greys. Just do not go there.

    Stilletto, I have heard a lot about that cord going south. Apple is not making friends and influencing people with that cord issue.

  15. I gave up on iTunes ages ago. Useless, computer slowing, headache inducing, rage creating software.

    And don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy…watch Scrubs instead….

  16. Personal preference. Never been a Grey’s fan, besides – the book was too long.

  17. max

    That is not a good reason for me. That is a good reason for you.

  18. Scrubs is hilarious! I’m surprised I don’t watch if more often!

    Grey’s is full of sex. Those people are doing it all the time. (I say that as though there’s something wrong with that). Honestly, though, I’d want my doctor to have his mind on my injury and not in the gutter (unless he’s hot and thinking about inviting me over to slum)!

    House is a delight to watch because he’s such an asshole and yeah — sort of got a thing for Hugh Laurie.

    ER will always be my favorite. At least the first three seasons. That was the greatest.

    Does General Hospital count? That used to be my favorite soap – the Luke and Laura days!

    Ooops, sorry, we were talking about Apple here.

  19. max

    Well Pooks hammered at me to watch House till I did. And AJ hammered at me to watch Grey’s till I did. My criteria for watching things tv is, is it scifi? Is it funny? Is it smart? And are the guys hot? Not necessarily in that order because I am watching Supernatural next just because Jeffrey Dean Morgan is hot. Scrubs will have to wait.

  20. nick

    The month is now August and I have a huge problem downloading the last episode of a season pass. My season pass ended June 29th but the final episode was not released until mid-July. WTF? iTunes simply says “we’re working on a fix”. Seeing that it is the last episode I would pay for it, then complain at this point, but the episode is only available via season pass…which I already bought (arrrggh). Anyone else have these issues? I am now on a iTunes bombing compaign (bombing with e-mails that is!) Yesterday was one per day, 2 per day, etc. Why don’t I get cblae you may ask? I live in Turkey! Damn American T.V. shows!

  21. max

    Ironically, iTunes just got the third season of House. However, in two weeks, the third season of House will be available on dvd from Netflix. If it had been available earlier on iTunes I would have gotten it but not now.

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