farewell shadows


Last week —

For two solid days starting freakishly early, someone was jack hammering outside.

This should have had me really worried.

Mostly it had me sort of pissed off.

How much concrete could they need to break up?


The real worry was this is happening right when my lease is expiring when I am thinking I really want to stay and am fixing the place up hanging art that has been sitting a year because [hello] fear of commitment usually slows art hanging down just that long.

But then people start jack hammering outside and for a month the manager had not replaced lights at entrances I told him were out and I just start to worry about stuff like that. And then —


Miracle! The other day I heard the sound of a squeaky ladder outside and when I went outside later, the lights were all fixed.

Yay! Yay! Yay!


where the art work comes from :
that is from chris paltzat

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  1. I don’t suppose you can complain about the noise to anybody. Aren’t there laws about how early somebody can jackhammer?



    This is the Adams girl who once told me, “Sure, we can do breakfast, as long as we don’t do it until after noon.”

  2. So what was the jack-hammering about?

  3. max

    Pooks you crack me up. [You also know me way too well.]

    Michele, dunno. Maybe despondent Claymates creating a time capsule?


  4. Let’s do an early breakfast. Right before i go to bed, that’s the only way.

  5. max

    If you head west and I head east and we break a few speed laws, we could hook up in the middle about 5 am and have breakfast right before bedtime.

  6. ‘This is the Adams girl who once told me, “Sure, we can do breakfast, as long as we don’t do it until after noon.”’


  7. Maybe the jack hammering was in preparation of replacing the lights?

  8. max

    Wow if it was I so owe my building manager an apology who knew he worked so hard?

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