far sight


Sometimes I feel seriously alone. I see things other people don’t. Won’t. Don’t want to. Or just can’t. And saying something won’t work. I’ve tried that before. It never works. I mean. How many people want to hear something they don’t want to Hear? [Answer: Zero.] So I sit watching. Alone.


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  1. It is painful knowing things and trying to warn people only to see them walking towards trauma and tragedy. Kind of like Katrina, only on a much bigger scale.

    Take solace in the fact that you can see ahead, therefore you can take steps in your life to better your own odds of survival. If this is natural selection: you are smart enough to continue the species.

    The human population is way too big for this planet–we have more than proven that. Most species, when crowded, become more aggressive, maladaptive, and begin to decay in many ways. The Earth is getting ready; Nature always tries to rebalance herself. That is natural law.

    It is rough, but if humans are going to remain a viable species, necessary. It sucks that we had to make it so that many other species are going to go extinct.

    Max, understand the reason you can see. Understand why you have sight when most are blind. What does that mean for your future? Will you embrace that? Your forefathers did.

    We were not afforded the luxury of denial. We were not afforded the luxury of growing old before the world changes. The younger generation is under corporate anesthesia with their technology, food, and conservative bias. Our generation is the one who are still writing the songs trying to fire them up that are falling on deaf ears. Our generation is the one putting out the documentaries (from big screen to you-tube), writing the books, blowing the trumpet.

    You are not alone–just isolated away from the rest of us who also see.

    I’m sorry.

  2. max

    Oh it is okay I am used to it I just get moody sometimes. But thanks.

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