family lore

According to family lore, my first words [words, not word, that is not a typo that is a plural] were “Give me that doll.” No mommy. No daddy. I just opened my mouth and started giving orders.

I have not changed much. I did get a little taller and pick up a nifty foil job though.

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  1. Those could be okay first words – depending on the particular doll, of course.

  2. LOL mine were no, no Kitty! Another Tee shirt idea. Born Bossy

  3. “Give me that doll.”
    I believe that story. Sounds just like you.

  4. max

    It does doesn’t it? I have always been highly suspicious of that story except it does so sound like me.

  5. Well you are so alien smart. You probably refused to speak until you could say a complete sentence.

  6. max

    My family did not call that alien smart. That was called alien stubborn.

  7. max

    Oh well that was not called alien wit either, that was called back talk.

    You guys say stuff so much better.

  8. You know, Bette Midler has a great kids book (only it’s WAY too long — you don’t want to have to read it aloud because it NEVER ENDS) called The Saga of Baby Divine, a little baby girl who is born wearing red stilletto heels, a feather boa, and who can already speak one word:


    I love that book.

  9. Oh, I hit send too soon.

    I meant to say, I think she’s related to you. Baby Divine, I mean.

    Although if the two of you as babies were in the same room there might be violence.

  10. max

    LOL — that sounds very funny. Baby Divine. We would have fought over the shoes for sure.

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