evil luring breadsticks


cheatThe other day —

I heard a man on the television say men would not cheat if there weren’t so many women willing to be there for men to cheat with.

This was on a talk show and a whole bunch of women in the audience nodded saying, “Yes, yes.” Like the whole answer to men cheating was [those bitches!] other women.

This is kind of stupid to me. Of course, if a man is going to cheat, there needs to be someone alive and willing for him to cheat with. [Do not always assume it is another woman either guys cheat with guys just fine.] Just like, if a person is going to over eat, there has to be food there for someone to eat. But I do not see anyone blaming the food: “Yeah, he wouldn’t have eaten that breadstick if there weren’t so many breadsticks that were so damn willing.”


where the art work comes from :
that is from lugerla

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  1. Kym

    I’ve never understood women who get mad at the “other” when their guy cheats. Get mad at him. The “other” doesn’t owe you any allegiance but he does.

  2. Men, in general, are men. If there were no willing women, they’d move on to inanimate objects to get their “cheat” on.

  3. I was going to write something tediously serious, then I read Ginny’s comment. LOL… Case closed and be sure to keep an eye on the flock!

  4. Jordan

    I’d move on to the breadsticks. Hot, buttery, emmm.

  5. max

    Woe, LOL — yeah, Ginny has a serious way of brightening subjects. [smile]

    Damn, the bread sticks are luring Jordan again. Bitches.

  6. Yeah. What Ginny said.

    (I won’t get into how one is less fattening).

  7. forkboy1965

    Hey Jordan…let’s go and meet-up at Olive Garden. I hear they have some hot, sexy and NON-STOP breadsticks.

    Damn if I don’t love Italian breadsticks….

  8. I love Olive Garden salad.

  9. max

    You realize how hard it is to not make bad innuendos/puns about bread sticks and salads and olive garden right?

    Must. Resist. Ahhhh!

  10. Hold yourself back, Max, don’t lower yourself…. stay strong.

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