every twenty years


This guy is pretty interesting.

His name is Phil Robinson. He is a Guild member. And he actually knows the history of the Guild writer strikes.

[That is something I did not know — it did not come up where I went to film school.]




7 Responses to every twenty years

  1. Brilliant video. This guy should teach. He has presence.

  2. Kym

    Kitty’s right the guy is not only articulate but he grabs your attention.

  3. Yeah, I’m going to go hunt down the rest of his videos.
    Good find, Max.

  4. What no post in the last 24 hours?

    This writer’s strike is going too far. I’m going to Kym’s blog.

  5. max

    I have cramps.


  6. You too? Is it a full moon or something? : )

  7. max

    It is definitely not a Victoria’s Secret week, that is for sure.

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