etu captain jack?


I have been watching Torchwood. Much to my horror a science fiction writer trying to flirt me up asked me what Torchwood is. And then he asked me out.

[Whacky optimist. Like I would date anyone who does not know Torchwood but anyway.]

Torchwood really rocks but I have this one problem with it. Captain Jack is playing for the other team.

Hello. This so disrupts my fantasy life.


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  1. He’s English, right? He must have gone to boarding school. No worries, they all have girlfriends anyway.

  2. max

    Well I do not mind he is a pervo that will have sex with anything including probably cthultha [ack spelling!] or that he does not care what sex or what species his partners are but does the show have to only ONLY show him making out with guys? Bastards.

  3. He kissed Doctor Who.
    On The LIPS
    Just saying’

  4. Love Torchwood. Feel your pain. But it doesn’t necessarily destroy my fantasy life…just makes it a tad more interesting.

  5. Why don’t I ever get flirted up by s-f writers?

  6. max

    He kissed Spike on the lips too. And a hot military guy. And the butler. For a character who will allegedly sleep with anything male or female he sure is staying gender specific. Sigh.

  7. …and those moments were set to music on youtube.

    Some people.

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