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toaster_controlMy response —

When things life spiral out of control is generally drink too much, then nurse a hangover thinking, Wow, that just never works, then watch a whole bunch of movies while wondering whether or not I am really up to taking on whatever mayhem just hit, then make whatever horrible phone calls have to be made while cursing elves that have not been round to clean the apartment or restock the Diet Coke quotient, and then —

Clean the apartment and work out.


There is something really therapeutic about housework. I do not like housework, but you fall into this sort of Zen state doing it, or at least I do. And when the whole world or at least my part of it is out of control, cleaning the tub is one small thing I can control.

And so is the condition of my thighs.



*the trash is taken out the dishes are done the stove is cleaned the tub is scrubbed floors are done boxes by the front door are opened and unpacked my thighs are really really sore


where the art work comes from :
that is from caerphoto

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  1. I do the same thing. Work off the energy.
    Great therapy and you have something good to show for it too.

  2. I have the same feeling about mowing the lawn. It is always one-hour and 22-minutes well spent.

  3. max

    Tell that to my poor thighs. Oh the pain.

  4. Are you doing yoga? I’ve just added that to my routine about a month ago and I love it.

  5. max

    [You know who else does yoga though and really loves it, Lacy.]

  6. Oh yes. Controlling my little corner of the world while the rest of it goes to hell. I do it all the time. Yard work is one of my favorites – which usually means sore shoulders for me as I tend to enjoy trimming the shit out of things :-)

  7. I do that at work- I manage a warehouse and now I have arms and shoulders that look like a guy’s.
    It’s been a tough month.

  8. max

    I used to take upper body strength and muscles for granted. That was when I was regularly picking up two big dogs. When the dogs went, so did taking that upper body stuff for granted.

  9. Cursing Elves results in tiny, but cruel, reprisals. It’s best their sloth go unmentioned, and their wrath unstoked.

  10. max

    Wow this explains so much.

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