Say, we had a quake here. It was not very big, they are saying 5.4. Kind of spooky it kept going longer than they usually do and when they last like that you do not know if it is the quake or is a forerunner to a quake that is going to be big. But all is well in Los Angeles.

[Chino might be a little shook up I hear that is the epicenter.]


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  1. I heard about this on the news…glad to read you’re okay.

    anita marie

  2. Probably that wascally wabbit burrowing his way to Pizmo Beach . . .

  3. I’m glad you’re Ok as well… I’m happy to write that I don’t have first hand experience with earthquakes. The ground is rock solid in NY… until that fault that runs through Harlem (down the center of 125th St.) decides to move one of these days anyway

  4. Glad to know you are okay, Max. We were just talking about earthquakes in California an hour before that quake hit. Strange.

  5. Kym

    Thanks for letting us know all is well where you are.

  6. max

    Aww, thanks for checking on me.

  7. Sarah

    Poor cows and female convicts.

    As usual, people out here are doing their redneck cliches about how the quake was punishment (from God) for the liberals. And how California is going to fall off into the ocean.

    1.- Southern California is predominantly Republican.
    2.- The San Andreas is a right-lateral strike slip fault. At most, CA will wind up in CAnada. But I’m pretty sure we’ll have blown the planet up before then.

    Glad you’re okay. Weird that it hit midday. Generally, they come in the dead of night.

  8. max

    Oh those people are confused. California is not going to fall into the Pacific. The rest of the country is going to fall into the Atlantic. The Atlantic is much bigger you know. More gravitational pull.

    [I am so impressed when you whip out terms like right-lateral strike slip fault. That is so hot.]

  9. Sarah

    Had I taken my natural disasters course before my junior year, I’d have doubled majored. Alas, my parents killed that idea pretty quickly.

  10. max

    Oh you are just too smart for your britches.

  11. Sarah

    I have britches? Is that what those are? ;-P

  12. max

    Maybe with girls I am supposed to say bloomers.

    Say, you are overdue for a new boyfriend aren’t you?

  13. I was going to text message you but I knew all was well. And sometimes I’m a bad friend. Sorry :(

    Glad you are all right! Die before we have our next outing, I’ll kill you!

  14. max

    Oh the first thing that goes down in an earthquake is phones. Everyone calling within the city, everyone calling out of the city, everyone calling into the city, phones are always the first thing to go. They blow faster than gas lines.

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