dumb moment #3,427,002

So people have been raving about Grey’s Anatomy for ages so I netflixed the disks and just watched the first one and everyone [well not everyone but definitely every woman] I know has been ranting about “Dreamy Patrick Dempsey” and I thought that was kind of surprising odd but okay.

Here is the thing. I thought they were talking about Patrick Duffy. You know, the guy from Dallas?

[I have no idea how those wires got crossed.]

So I am sitting here watching Grey’s Anatomy wondering where Patrick Duffy is when it eventually hits me. Not Patrick Duffy. Patrick Dempsey.

patrick dempsey
Say he is super cute. Of course he is also super married with twin boys on the way and I cannot perv out on entertainment people because it would be too embarassing if I ended up working with someone I had perved out on on a website.

Also I could not even have a doctor this cute. It would make me too nervous and also I might start concocting reasons to go to the doctor just to physician perv and that would be so wrong.

I better stick with the imaginary boyfriend.

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  1. aj

    Patrick Duffy ????? Nooooooooo. I have been telling you about McDreamy for ages and the whole time you have been picturing Duffy ????

    I give you credit for not judging. I would have judged you if you had of been telling me how swoony McDreamy was if I thought it was Duffy.

    Z may even link McDreamy. He has a honker.

  2. max

    I just had to have faith he had gotten really hot with age or something. I mean. The alternative was too damn scary.

  3. aj

    P.S I just told German about your Duffy Dempsey mistake charming confusion because well, I can perve on Dempsey because I trade German Jessica Beal perving rights for McDreamy rights, but anyways, German goes “McDuffy sounds like he works at McDonalds” Then, I click on the Duffy link to IMDb and he sees the pic and goes “Holy fuck, that dude is old, he could own McDonalds”.

    Sorry but I just found that hilarious.

  4. max

    I know you did not just say “mistake” in relation to me that is for sure a typo I better fix that for you.

  5. max

    There. Way better.

  6. But Patrick Duffy was a superhero, of sorts, if dudes from mythical lost continents can be superheroes.

  7. Sophia

    He scarred me for life with that pizza-delivering movie. Sorry but I fail to see anything sexy on the man. But then again, not every guy can be super sexy like… [sighs]…[sighs deeply]… the ONE!

  8. He’s cute but he’s got nothing on Dr. Ross from ER. No sir he doesn’t!

  9. Patrick DUFFY? Isn’t he too old to be dreamy?

    Oh wait – maybe…not…

  10. Sophia

    Stiletto, Patrick Duffy is too old. Period. But then again, we’re still teenagers, what do we know, right? [winks]

  11. max

    Wait, how old is the boyfriend, Stilletto?

    I am fickle, I alternate between Dr. Ross and Dr. Kovak. Sigh.

    Why are all the hot guys on medical shows? I have to watch people do stuff with needles to watch them. I so hate needles.

  12. Stiletto Girl

    Oh god, yes, Dr Kovak. To be stuck with both their needles!

  13. Stiletto Girl

    Oh no! That really wasn’t meant to sound that way!

  14. max

    You so crack me up, Stilletto.

    You know you just called two of the hottest doctor characters on television, um, needle…

    I cannot say it.

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