Kitty’s baby ducks hatched. Yay!

They are cute as hell I cannot actually do their photo justice it needs to be large and the blog is not big enough so I clipped the photo go see the big photo.


[The ducks are playing on a little ramp Blane built them. This is a spa duck maternity ward.]


where i nabbed those ducks :
i nabbed those ducks at kitty’s photo blog

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  1. Awww, thanks Max. I like the way you cropped the photo.

  2. max

    Oh good. I try not to get too fast and loose with other people’s stuff but the ducklings just needed to be full size.

  3. Yeah, I usually post a medium sized photo on the photoblog because the large blows out the matting, but I made an exception with that one.

  4. They are so so cute.

  5. max

    Aren’t they? I keep remembering baby ducks now and how soft they are and how funny they are running around and the little noises they make.

  6. Congratulations for this ducks on the web feat-ure . . .

  7. max

    I could have gone with beavers but I did not want to steal yours and Rain’s thunder.


  8. I take it that, by that remark, it was good for you . . .

  9. max

    You know you have unduly influenced Stil and she is making bad puns now too?

  10. Those are some great shots. Well done, Kitty.

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