duck tape


duck tapeWhen I was a kid —

People were always referring to duck tape. That is what I thought it was called anyway. Duck tape. My dad would say, Hand me the duck tape. I would hand him the duck tape. Later, I would go to the hardware store and say, Where is the duck tape? And they would show me. Later later, in film school, well you use a lot of duck tape in film school. If you do not someone is going to die tripping over one of those cables. So you tape them down.

With duck tape.

I do not know why no one ever corrected me. Maybe they thought I had a funny accent. Maybe they heard what they expected to hear. Maybe they were just too polite. It took me what in some places counts as a lifetime to make the connection, tape, ducts, oh, DUCT tape.

Lately, duck tape has come up. A lot. So this post is for TJ & Sulya. And that is all I am sayin’.


where i found that duck tape :
i found that at fuzzy world

18 Responses to duck tape

  1. There is a popular brand of duct tape called Duck Tape.

    That photo is hilarious.

  2. max

    I love that image it inspired the whole post.

  3. Pssst, make a duck tape lasso: Sean Bean is attempting to get married again. It doesn’t seem too hard to change his mind, though:

  4. max

    Damn. Down for the count again huh?

  5. Dan

    You take that duck tape lasso, go to the church, and stop that wedding Graduate-style. I guarantee Sean Bean wouldn’t be able to resist you and your duck tape.

  6. Actually, duct tape was originally called “duck tape.”

  7. max

    Jeesh. So I had it right all along.

  8. Kym

    The duck has such a resigned look–not at all as if he were worried about how the tape was going to rip out his feathers when it was time to come off.

  9. Oh Man.
    There’s a fourth letter in that?!

  10. Anita, you’re hilarious.

  11. Let me know when and where, Rain, and I’m in!

    Max, maybe they too thought it was “duck” tape.

  12. sulya

    Heya max – Sorry I’m comin’ late to this party because I could have used the laugh and that photo f–kin’ cracked me up… Incidentally, I too called it Duck Tape for many a year… And I am sure it would have been shouted at me by our friend as a possible solution to my problems when a certain quadrupedal furry housemate of mine destroyed some freshly baked goods in a zip-loc bag last night… *sigh*…

  13. max

    Oh you cannot be mad about that it was for science.

  14. max

    Oh you cannot get mad about that that was for science.

  15. It was not our ears, but their diction, that was at fault.

  16. max

    Damn, Stil, that is flat out Shakespearian.

  17. It’s not that she’s good like that, just damn lucky.

  18. max

    Oh take the credit.

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