drunken blogging yay yay yay!


champagne Okay, since I have been too busy —

Flirting up Trench Doc to go out and find myself a proper date for New Year’s Eve [hey there are not many men who would offer to ride shotgun with you while transporting a ceramic deer across South Carolina that is just gallant] it is officially drunk blogging night at Celluloid Blonde.

Yay!! Yay!! Yay!!

This is not nearly as organized as the worldwide drunken blogging frenzy a while back but I am not that organized either and —

This was not my idea. This was Sophia’s idea. Who refuses to make a blog but figured after I wasted a perfectly good “I’ll Sleep With You If You Make My Movie” shirt on a girl writer there was just no way I was rustling up a date before midnight and we should drunken blog instead. [Sophia has promised, if I go to Greece, she will find me one though. A date, not a shirt.]

Stilletto Girl is having a way better party if I were local I would so be there I have a Lady Godiva wig and a roll of saran wrap just crying to be taken out but oh well I am not.

I have champagne. I have chocolate. I have extra smokes in case this is so damaging I cannot leave the loft tomorrow. Brut brought the vodka. [Polish vodka. Yay!] Brut also has at least a three hour head start drinking on everyone in the Stripes which should be real fun to watch and if we get way frisky we might be able to talk Kitty into more Coca Cola experiments.

Zee should be around Zee was not even looking for a date she is saving herself for Grant Imahara [oh Zee, the ears, Zee, the ears]. This does not, by the way, stop Zee from posting scandalous kitty porn or lusting after vixen boots. AJ is probably still in recovery from yesterday which was New Year’s Eve in Australia, but here is hoping she makes it. And Michele, jeez, go put up a new blog post right now or we will just tp your moving post like frisky weasels.

No blogger is safe.

Drunken Blogging Night begins —




ps: wow i hope all those links work i am just crosseyed from putting those all in and now i have to go find fun art good thing i have champagne to sustain me


where the photo came from : that is from chef lazlo, he says staying in is the new going out i do not need an excuse

94 Responses to drunken blogging yay yay yay!

  1. I have to stay sober till midnight EST… friggin patients.

  2. max

    Poor bunny. That makes you by default our designated blogger.

  3. alrighty, but then I should get cyber dibbs on the drunkest chick.

  4. I am drunk [not yet but soon] and blogging [well in a minute]

  5. max

    Michele, yay!

    Trench, how will we know who the drunkest chick is?

  6. easy, traditionally the one that gets topless first…

  7. oh… and with a web cam (smirk)

  8. It’s OK for cryin out loud… I’m a medical doctor.

  9. max

    As if, Trench. We are civilized girls. To get our shirts off you have to beat us at cards.

  10. Ryan Seacrest is on TV now here no way will I take my shirt off in front of him.

  11. but… but, he’s a girl.

  12. max

    I am confused. Is American Idol on? He was on that wasn’t he?

  13. I think he’s on The View now.

  14. He is but now he aims to be the new Dick Clark so he is hosting New Year’s Rocking Eve.

    Champagne popping momentarily….

  15. max

    Thank God I only watch the SciFi Channel. Oh, wait, I watch no channels, I get my SciFi shows on iTunes.

  16. Kim Tunsatll is singing Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. I do not get that connection.

  17. max

    Uh oh, Pooks says she is on prednisone and cannot drunken blog. I do not know what prednisone does. I better google it before I advise her to poison herself or something.

  18. it’s a corticosteroid… would not be a pleasant druken blog for Pooks.

  19. I just blogged w/o alcohol. Is there a fine for that?

    Please. Someone arrest me and put me in cuffs.

    I’ll take the East Coast doc that knows Pooks is taking a corticosteroid. Nothing like spurting a definition that needs a definition.

  20. max

    Oh that is not an East Coast doc, that is a nice Southern boy.

    Damn. No drunken blogging for Pooks.

    Chesh, please see the bailiff about that undrunken blogging thing.

  21. aj

    Chesh and I just want to make up that little group known as the “minority”.

  22. max

    Minority? Trench is on duty, Michele barely broke the seal on the bottle, Pooks is on prednisone, you had nye last night, and Chesh hasn’t even had a drink.

    I am so outnumbered.

    Oh, wait, I will be the drunk chick Trench has cyber dibs on. Cool.

  23. aj

    I am sure Sophia will Ouzo her way into the mix.

  24. max

    I hope. Good thing alcohol is a blood thinner they snatched her cigs right away. Bastards.

  25. I will be back later – probably a little drunker I am on my second glass of champage.

    Time to watch the ball drop with the husband he is feeling left out.

  26. max

    Aw. Tell him 5150 says Happy New Year.

  27. Looks like your blog has transformed into a chat room.

    I meant to tell you, Max. I was developing a very cool TV show called 5150…until I found out Wonderland crashed and burned after 3 episodes.

    I’d drink if I had alcohol. I’m just way too lazy to hit the store. Going to the kitchen to make popcorn and grab a Pepsi. Wait, if I add a couple of vicodin to the Pepsi…

  28. max

    Was that Fox? Fox is notorious for pulling the plug early so whenever I hear something went down quick I think Fox.

  29. Z

    Geez. I’m not even drinking. The neighbor who is always firing off his guns at all hours of the day and night is having a field day tonight.

    I’m a little disturbed that you manged to find more pictures of Grant Imahara than I ever have. Are you trying to take my Google Girl title?

  30. max

    You are the ninja google girl, I am just a cheap imitation.

    Sophia initiated drunken blogging night, I announced drunken blogging night, and Sophhia is not here and I am one of only two people actually drinking.

    Jeesh. Don’t you people know starting the new year without your head in the toilet is just not starting the new year right?

  31. Z

    There. Drunken blogging has commenced.

  32. Brut Bunny

    Happy New Year Max and friends. I’m on my way out but wanted to say hello. Didn’t crack the polish potato juice. Just sipping on the old Smirnoff standby. Lots of love, hugs and kisses and at least one sale to everyone in 007…

    [the fragrance for the new year is Hermes]

  33. max

    Happy New Year Brut. Thank God you are drinking.

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  35. Z

    Here here. That is a pingback from my site because I linked to this one. They can be confusing sometimes. Especially when alcohol is involved.

  36. ah ha that must be it

  37. Hey I forgot about drunken blogging. 6 more minutes to the new year. Cheers, and Happy New Year. (I’m huffing Diet Dr. Pepper).

  38. max

    Oh Zee and I have two more hours before midnight. I am trotting up on the roof to see the fireworks when the clock strikes. Hey have you tried mixing that Dr. Pepper with espresso to see what happens?

  39. Happy new year in Texas

  40. Z

    Things to mix with espresso:

    Orange Juice
    Sour Apple Pucker
    More Espresso

  41. Sambocca
    Grand marnier

  42. max

    I say give the espresso to the twelve year old and break out the vsop.

    What? If the kid is old enough to smoke the kid is old enouogh to do espresso.

  43. max

    ps: oh great now i need a twelve year old, any volunteers?

  44. where is Sophia by the way?

  45. Z

    It’s like 8:30 am there.

  46. max

    She gets up at 6 to make workshop chats, and got up at 4 to make class chats. It is her New Year’s day. She gets to sleep in. And then mocked within an inch of her life for sleeping through this. [wink]

  47. Meatloaf is singing on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve now. AJ’s worst nightmare.

    I used to um – make out in cars – to Meatloaf.

  48. No, thanks for the idea, Max, espresso and Dr. Pepper. I might get some fireworks out of it.

    Nice recipes, Z.

  49. Z

    Is he doing any better than he did on American Idol because I seriously thought he was about to literally die on stage that night.

  50. max

    There is some fascinating and scary YouTube piece where these two guys create an entire fireworks display using coca cola mixed with something. I wish I still had the link. I will look for it.

    Meatloaf has a get out of jail free card for life — everyone in Rocky Horror Picture show does.

  51. Z

    You could also dissolve a couple of those after diner mints in an espresso. You know…the 2/3s chocolate 1/3 mint ones?

  52. Z

    Oh crap. They were doing free showings of Rocky Horror at one of the Casinos in Reno and I totally forgot about it.

  53. Oh Max, I saw the fireworks at the Trenchdoc’s deer post. LOL.

  54. max

    Oh I have a total crush on Trench Doc. I hope his wife is not armed.

  55. Meatloaf did better than he did on American Idol but I really liked him much better when he had the long hair. And a 50 year old singing “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” with a 20 year old is just wrong.

  56. No Trenchdoc’s wife.

  57. Z

    Diet Coke is totally versatile.

  58. max

    At last. Signs of true drunken blogging. LOL

  59. Z

    I’m contemplating if I can get George to wear a Cats Against Bush shirt for long enough to get a picture…What do you think?

  60. Z

    Yes, but if he broke his arm trying to get out of it I would never forgive myself. And he is not deteethed.

  61. max

    Oh yes. George is a total photo cat. He will do it and pose. It will fit him too, he is a big cat. Jones was too little to wear the kitty shirt.

  62. Night all and happy new year – I am going to bed it is not right to leave the husband alone on New Year’s eve.

  63. max

    Well he will not break a leg trying to get out of the shirt. If he gets mad he might not be real helpful about you taking it off. Some of this depends on the animal. Jones was not a gregarious cat. He loved me, hated all others, and was real willing to bite me if he disapproved of something like getting his nails clipped. But, he was on medicine a good deal of his life, so was used to being held on his back while I put in eye goo or gave him pills. If you are going to shirt a cat, the important thing is get the collar over the cats head fast. Once the collar is over, the legs are easy. [I am going to be hunted by PETA for this right?] Bottom line, if my hates everyone sometimes loves me but will still bite when he is mad cat would pose for me long enough for me to get a shot of him in antlers? I am thinking George will wear the shirt.

  64. max

    Night, Michelle. Smooch!

  65. Z

    I’ll have to give it a go one of these days.

  66. max

    They take returns so if it does not work you can send it back. I would so love a shot of George in the Cats Hate Bush Shirt. Hell, get it, take the shots, then send it back.

  67. Z

    I have $40 of commission pending so when that clears I will order it.

  68. max

    I can get it for you cheaper but then you would not be able to return it.

  69. Z

    I’m not worried about returning it but it would be easier to pay for it with commission (considering recent camera purchases).

  70. max

    Yes. Hey, 17 minutes to midnight. Yay!

  71. Happy New Year, Drunk Bloggers.

    I’m going to try and fall asleep by 11:59.

    G’nite and all the best for 2007.

  72. 7 minutes to go. I guess you are up on the roof looking at fireworks.

  73. aj

    Happy New Year guys.

  74. max

    The roof was great. My neighbors are lame. You guys rock. Wow it is 2007. Happy New Year.

  75. Sophia

    Happy New Year!!! And I can’t believe I’m late again. This is so frustrating! Urgh!

  76. max

    This is funny. My phone dinged me with a happy new year message. It is coming from a valley number, an 818 number. But my phone does not know who. Having had a bottle of champagne which did not get burned off in 15 minutes of dancing on the roof, I am sort of not in any way shape or form capable of big Sherlock Holmes enquiries. So, I just texted back, Happy New Year back, who are you?

    Wow I hope I know this person.

  77. max

    Holy cats! Sophia!

  78. Sophia

    Holy cats, holy dogs… whatever. Guess the champaign is over, right? Happy New Year! (like my luck has significantly changed!)

  79. yay, text messages, I bet it was the trenchdoc. Those ER guys are resourceful.

  80. max

    Oh I do not think 818 is in South Carolina.

  81. 818! I have an 818 number! But sorry, I didn’t call you!

    Happy New Year’s! Oh my god, you people are up?

    I’m ordering in a piping hot bowl of Vietnamese beef noodle soup. Healthy, hydrating, and nourishing! I suppose if my favorite Vietnamese restaurant is closed, KFC will do.

    Ug. I feel like crap! How are you people up so early?

  82. I have a feeling they were still up, not getting up! Hello–you guys are fun. I was sorry to miss the festivities here last night! I was a blogging virgin until a couple of months ago, so I am still feeling it out, so to speak. I couldn’t have drunken blogged, because my champagne tasted a bit spoiled, so I didn’t drink it, but I could have naked blogged–we heathen pagans do everything naked. Does that qualify Trench Doc?
    I think the best New Year’s thing on TV last night was Anderson Cooper, who was cracking on everyone and everything, and the Drag Queen in Key West who was dropped in a giant red stiletto for the “ball dropping”. Beautiful.
    As for cats in shirts (my cats hate Bush, too, and they taped a picture of him in the bottom of their litter box), did you ever go to It’s hilarious.
    Happy New Year!

  83. max

    Well not exactly “up.” More like in bed with the PowerBook and a glass of champagne.

    Lulu quick send your cats to cats hate bush dot com.

    Stilletto, I did not know you were in the Valley.

    I am declaring Drunken Blogging Night a success. Yay!

  84. A roaring success it was.

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