drop dead diva


This is a really fun show. I never even heard of it before but the pilot was playing late the other night and I thought the description was funny [a super model dies and is sent back as a size 16 — karmic retribution yay!]. It is now a Max series recording yay!




Also [you see this is coming right?] there are totally cute guys Ben Feldman and Jackson Hurst in it. Yay!


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  1. Damn, damn, damn. My next story has a similar premise.

    I’m going puke.

  2. max

    Oops. You got scooped huh? That is not always a bad thing, if this gains popularity as a tv show, that tells suits the concept has an audience which can be a good thing if you are trying to sell a feature script — you just do not want it to be completely the same thing.

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