drive by kitty dress up


drive_by_kitty_dress_upA girl I know —

Put this photo up. It is hilarious to me. I told her so and said wow that is a nice cat. [Not all cats are patient with kitty dress up.] She told me the kitty was a stray she had just picked up. That is even more hilarious to me, someone driving around picking up strays and giving them little outfits. Drive by Kitty Dress Up. Yay!


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  1. Usually they frequent bus depots, where kitties come from small towns with big city dreams of being a famous celebrity kitty, like Garfield or Morris from the old Cat Chow commercials.

    The stark reality is that for most, they will be reduced to wearing kitty costumes and having photo’s taken after signing waiver releases posted everywhere on the internet just to make ends meet. Often, this come back to haunt them later in life as they attempt to break into legitimate professions, just like Vanessa Williams.

  2. That kitty looks exactly like mine did. Although she would have clawed me to death if I had done that to her, lol.


  3. What if it was a man instead of a cat? Just a thought for 2009, giving our clothes to the homeless. Anyway, let’s skip the dressing up part, for everyone’s sake.

  4. Drive by or drive over? The cat in question looks somewhat bereft of life.

  5. Are you sure that cat is alive?

  6. I tied tinsel to my cats tails for Christmas.
    I’m still trying to get the smell of cat pee off of the blinds in my office.
    And off of the chair in front of my computer.
    And the dog.

  7. max

    Wow you got lucky your cats are often more violent than that.

    Yes the kitty is alive it is just very very very relaxed. Sheesh. Dark sides all of you.

  8. That cat looks awfully stiff. A Valium will loosen up our little model.

  9. max

    You crack me up. If that cat gets any more relaxed it is going to defy gravity and float.

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