dress up day


So in the way —

Fashion things work, I used to be about a size zero and now none of those clothes fit and one of my best girlfriends used to be a size two and now none of those clothes fit — we both sized up, me to a two because I wanted to stop passing out in public and she to a four because she became a body builder, and we both sold off a lot of the fancy clothes but some of them we had to hang on to out of love and then these ceremonies hit and I was all, Oh nos! What will I wear? Since all my glam awards clothes are like, size zero. Ahhh! And my girlfriend was on task she was all, Hey I am sending you twos right now!

So today this box arrives. I thought she was sending a couple dresses. No. This box was like five million dresses! [Okay, that is hyperbole but I get to do that because I am in the arts.] But seriously, this was not one or two dresses. This was DRESSES! Like, fifteen dresses!

Holy cow.

I am used to dressing this frame that is all straight up and down Twiggy and have not quite adjusted to the whole hips and breasts thing but my girlfriend has always had this crazy Marilyn Monroe figure so all her clothes are cut for breasts and hips. Whoa. These clothes are totally cut to show off a figure. This is a totally new concept to me.

So I spent the afternoon trying on dresses. Yay!

Love you Stil.


where the art work comes from :
that is richard avedon

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  1. I think that since you had an essay contest for the date, you should consider letting your loyal fans vote for what you wear.

  2. max

    I could try but that could be tricky I had that mirror accident recently there is no full length mirror right now to take photos in.

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