drama day



I have just been accused of being some sort of raging sexist discriminating against women.

Usually when I am accused of being a raging sexist and discriminating, it is by a guy saying I am a man hater.

The man hater stuff usually comes after I tell a writer a tight sweater and short leather skirt do not equal character depth.

[This just rarely goes over well but sometimes it just needs to be said.]

The woman hater stuff usually comes on the heels of me telling a writer something like, Studios do not get excited about sports dramas about fifty year old women.

[Call me crazy, in my experience that does not spell blockbuster sports drama to studio heads.]

Today is stellar because I am getting socked with both at the same time and I guess I should really take advantage of this moment. So. For the record. Clearly —

With the level of drama slamming around today, all these accusations of discrimination are just wrong. I do not hate men. I do not hate women. I hate everyone. Yay!


where the art work comes from :
that is from chaovsky

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  1. You crack me up, you people hater, you.

  2. max

    I am such a hater. I have lost track of how many people are mad at me right now and you know that is why.

    [Personally though I am going to blame Susan.]

  3. aj

    I blame Susan for everything. It puts a bounce in my step.

  4. I can’t believe you and AJ are going to bring up that name.
    Your hatred is spiked with vengeance.

  5. Dan

    I look at it this way: If people didn’t want to be hated, they would stop being stupid.

  6. max

    When all else fails, taunt Susan.

  7. max

    [You know we are in trouble now we have said her name three times. Maybe we should start saying “she who must not be named.”]

  8. I’m going to have to counter it with some voodoo chicken foot necklace.
    Hunker down, hard drive!

  9. “You know we are in trouble now we have said her name three times”

    I fear her Candymanish powers.

  10. Blogs around the world should have this as a role model. Such fun. I hate it, I mean, love it.

  11. Being new here, I am rather lost, but I just have to chime in with – Big Time People Hater today right here too! Grrrrrrrrr

  12. I miss Susan.
    For real I miss picking on Susan.
    Joan Jett is 50- maybe someone should write a story about a 50 year old Punk Musician who kills a 50 year old female sports writer.
    Just saying.

  13. aj

    “She who must not be named” is giving her more credit than she is worth, how ’bout we just call her “it”.

  14. max

    Okay, but just to be safe, not in front of any mirrors.

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