There are a lot of —

Drafts around here. I write stuff all the time. Sometimes little notes. Sometimes long essays. They stack up, get crazy. Some of them I think twice about and keep shoving to the back. Some of them I erase. Some of them I keep. But lately I have been working through the drafts. Thinking, I should not have more than fifty small essays sitting here. I should either post those or nuke those.

So I have been sorting and posting or nuking.

I am down to forty drafts.

[How scary is that?]

Ongoing thoughts that move and evolve over time to live or die.


I have favorites.

Some things I just post and that is that.

Some pieces have a bigger piece of my heart. Maybe because they matter. Maybe because they are funny. Sometimes just because.

You can go see those if you are curious : :::favorites:::


where the art work comes from :
that is from kalloz

0 Responses to drafts

  1. I’m glad you put one of your Ms R. quizzes on there.

    Your answers are always so snappy and funny.

  2. max

    Aww, thanks. Miss R’s surveys are always the most fun.

  3. I would have picked the beer story but in light of the way things have turned out here in LA I’m thinking Why We Are Falling Into the Ocean holds a place close to heart.

  4. max

    I am going to start writing Stil reports here.

  5. Yes, you do that, because even my laptop is cursed and Safari keeps shutting down.

  6. max

    I am telling you there is a Star Trek creature in that apartment sucking energy from everything around it. How fast are the cell phone batteries going down?

  7. They are going down fast, real fast. But Sprint shares some of the blame. And so does Stiletto for not charging them.

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