dove morning



There are twenty-one doves on the power lines overlooking the apartment today — and one finch.

Usually there are about five doves watching over me. Every morning. Other birds are fickle, sometimes here, sometimes not here. Like the ravens. They check in. They do not stay. Or the wild parrots. They visit, but it is sporadic. The doves are always here.

The doves do not even eat pizza crusts. Or oatmeal. Nothing I put out there appeals to them. They just come. And watch over me. With no explanation.

I do not know what twenty-one doves means. But it made me smile to see them.


I really love the doves.


[ps : doves are not pigeons, this is something apparently australians do not know so i have to point it out, go look up doves]


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  1. Gasp. Did you take that photo? It is stunning.

    My father-in-law has a room-sized dome-shaped bird cage on his patio where he keeps doves. He leaves the door open all the time and they come and go as they please. So beautiful.

  2. max

    Thanks. I did not take that. It is part of a larger color photo I found somewhere an age ago, I manipulated it and re-cropped it I wanted the birds and a light effect.

  3. As an Aussie, I do know the difference between doves and pigeons. Pigeons are largish grain eating flying rats who poop everywhere while doves are quiet little birds who are quite attractive.

  4. max

    Pigeons are trainable, intelligent, come in many different breeds some of which are quite beautiful, have been used by the military and royalty for centuries as a means of communication, and have also been major participants in maritime search and rescue efforts during the last century. I do not think you know pigeons at all.

  5. I love this post! How nice to have doves watching over you.

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