don't come back without a kowala

albert the kowala, photo by aj hourigan

AJ went to the zoo. Before she went, she said, Do you want anything?

Yes, I said, bring back kowalas.

AJ came back from the zoo and said, The kowalas are not very good.

[Spell check says kowala is spelled wrong. Does anybody really trust spell check?]

I said, How can kowalas not be good?

AJ said the kowala would not move. That she waited three hours for the kowala to move, to get a good shot, and the kowala just would not move. The kowala snoozed the whole time.

When AJ’s partner said, Why are we spending all this time on the kowala? AJ told him, Max said she’d kick me out of the workshop if I do not come back with a kowala.

[I do not remember saying this but it sounds like me. “Come back with kowalas or you are through.” Or AJ made it up. That sounds like AJ.]

That is Albert the Kowala. Who did not move for three hours.

where the photo came from : white eleven and i have permission to pilfer because that kowala was for me

18 Responses to don’t come back without a kowala

  1. Koalas are adorable. I don’t even care if they move!

  2. One of our koalas died ( I say ours, I am a Zoo donor… those zoo chicks love me) at the zoo and I worried the kids would be upset about it…

    “they didn’t ever move anyway Dad.”

    Had it been a bird that flew into the window… it would’ve been a funeral with full Air Force Honors and a 21 BB salute.

  3. The only person in the world who can upstage a cute kowala and improve the spelling of it in one go.
    That is our Max.

  4. max

    They did not miss the kowala? Jeez. Poor kowala.

    Hey, you guys are all spelling kowala wrong.

    Except for Kitty. Kitty can really spell.

  5. aj

    The things I do for you.

  6. max

    You are a Christian soldier.

  7. Koalas are Khule I mean Cool.

    Anita Marie

  8. Hey, Max, you could take some lessons from this little guy on how not to fall out of, um, bed.


  9. I’m totally on the kowalas’ side. I wouldn’t move either.

    Think about it. You’re on your couch, takin’ it easy and someone is standing there impatiently waiting for your to move just so they can take your picture.

    Besides, from what I understand, kowalas are part of some sort of organized exotic animal labor union. He was probably just waiting until overtime kicked in before he got up and did something. HA!

  10. Oh, what an adorable little guy. This is cuddle material, better than my square pillow at night.

    You might like a kinkejou as a pet, Max.

  11. max

    Googling kinkejou, they are pretty cute. I think I want the full kowala though.

  12. You could sew him a costume out of spandex and make him your trusty sidekick. SuperKowala!

  13. Kinejou’s are adorable, too. I don’t know if this is animal cruelty but a friend of a friend kept hers in her NY studio. She built a jungle gym for it and surrounded her tiny space with trees so it could climb to its hearts content.

    I don’t know if it would get along with other animals. I’m wonder about the size of its, er, droppings, too.

  14. max

    Date Girl has a sidekick who is a surly cat that is always swiping diamonds but I am thinking a kowala would really work on the team. That is too funny.

    I wonder if kinkajous can be litter trained.

  15. max

    Only male kinkajous can be litter trained?

  16. No, males in general can be trained. Kinkajous, I have no idea.

  17. max

    Wow really? I do pretty good with dogs but I have yet to meet a guy I can train.

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