dominoDomino was a cat I knew in Houston.

Domino was a black and white cat. [Doy, “Domino.”] Domino did really cool tricks. Like, if you stuck a tissue through the hole in the bottom of a paper shopping bag and held the paper shopping bag at waist level, Domino totally ran for and jumped into the bag. Domino had faith you were going to hold that bag and not let her go toppling down, you were going to hang on and wrestle with the bag and tissue and Domino all up in the air.

Domino was smart.

Domino visited a lot too.

One day Domino stopped visiting.

I did not know Domino’s owner. But I knew Domino’s name from Domino’s collar. And I knew Domino’s address from Domino’s collar. I had just only needed the name till Domino stopped visiting.

I waited. A day passed. Two days passed. Three. Four. Five. Six.

Do you know how dumb an alleged adult feels knocking on a stranger’s door saying, Hi, I am looking for Domino — your cat?

But I did. I showed at Domino’s address, knocked on the door, and when the man opened the door, that is what I said.

Domino had had an unfortunate tail accident so did not get to go out for a week, but was recovering nicely and got to come over and play two days later.


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  1. How did you discover the tricks? I have this vision of you innocently hefting a bag with a tissue accidently peeping out the bottom and then being very surprised when…

  2. max

    An ex boyfriend who needed a couch to crash on discovered the super trick [I am still suspicious of how] I got home and Domino was visiting and the ex-b said, Wait till you see what Domino can do. Natch it was a big hit.

  3. We used to cut holes in the bag and the minute Wolfie saw that bag hit the floor he was in it. Then we used to dangle toys or walk by and this bag would roll after you.

    It was great.

    And my sister had this cat named Toad who had ‘friends’ stop by and ask about him to. It’s not so strange.

    Well, it is but I guess that shows you CAN get used to anything.


  4. This warmed my heart quite genuinely.
    You were a good friend to him.

  5. max

    The rolling bag trick is good. The bag that lunges after you in spurts trick is good too.

    Valliant a good friend to Domino or the ex-boyfriend?

  6. The cat. The boyfriend was pretty non descript.

  7. max

    Ah. The him threw me. Domino was special. And a girl.

  8. I am having getto entertainment tonight….. I am trying to get my cat to jump into a bag…..

  9. max

    You have to start on the floor Jennifer.

  10. Good, cause, I am headed that way anyway.

  11. Black and white cats rule.

    I liked this story a lot.

    I’m glad you didn’t get worse news when you went to her house.

  12. There was an accident on our street tonight, all around it was a bad scene.

    So what topped it off?

    When I heard someone from my street ask ‘ hey where’s Anita’s cat? You know the nut case that tries to eat firemen? ”


  13. Good to know my cat is nut case nanny eater….. I thought I had the only one. I never believed the nanny until recently she was on the patio behind the cat afraid to corale it back inside she she came in and I stepped out….. I must of been down wind… I got closer and noise that came out of that cat was like a baby devil…. I said, You beast! and the cat spun around looked and me and ran into the house…. He thought It was still the nanny behind him…..

  14. Good thing your cat is a male or my cat would be on his way down there now to run off with the lady cat of his dreams.

    See we have a tradition on our street and my cat is part of it.

    Every 4th of July someone from the shallow end of the gene pool on our street starts a game of ” bottle rocket fights ” and sure enough something catches on fire.

    Part of this tradition of course is that almost every year the fire engines show up and every year my cat races out of the bushes and tries to pull down a fireman.

    No I can’t explain why- though the concensus is demonic possession.

  15. max

    You sure the cat is not lighting the fires to lure the firemen in?

  16. Damn it now I got to train my cat to lure in firemen!

  17. PS. my cat is a fag and still open to your cat Anita…… just saying.

  18. Dear smart people how can I comment on blog spot blogs with a wordpress name? More import can cats really get firemen for you? I need more info on that too!

  19. max

    It depends on the blog. Some only allow posting from blogspot addresses. If it allows “other,” you pick other and fill it out. Yours does that.

  20. Nothing Wolfie does would surprise me.



  21. “other” I knew you would know Max I just wish it was a little more complex than checking “other” bring on the dunce cap……

    Wolfie is coming over if he can get me a fireman. My cat is still having trouble with the bag trick.

  22. Not only can he get you a fireman, he can teach your cat the bag trick.

    Just keep him away from religious objects…

  23. max

    “Just keep him away from religious objects…”

    [on floor]

  24. poor buddha has to go!

  25. max

    I do not know. There is something to be said for a cat who does not regularly sacrifice firemen to Bast in the garage. That just tends to complicates life you know?

  26. Do ‘Door Knockers’ for Jesus Count?

  27. max

    Do you mean real door knockers or those people who go around knocking on doors to tell you your Jesus is wrong theirs is right.

  28. Oh for the love of Jesus door knockers! Thanks guys that is my knew profane slang…..

  29. I mean the people who knock on your door and ask your nine year old niece who answers the door for you ” Do you know what happens to you after you die? Do you want to be with Jesus? ”

    It’s funny, when I repeated what they asked her they ran away.

    Just a Useful FYI.

  30. max

    It is always educational for people to hear themselves repeated back to them. It gives them perspective.

  31. This is very cool but Pumpkin is a bit slow and I don’t think she’d be able to jump into a bag on command.

    Out of, on the other hand – I think I’ll just toss her in one, tie it up and cut some slivers in it so she can breathe and smell the can of tuna below her – incentive to break out of the bag, you know.

    Thanks for the idea, Max!

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