domestic violence guy and the looking glass


dissociation ii by chaovskyI got my mirror today. Yay!

It is just a little stand up against the wall mirror but it is mine and I can see myself in it.

I got it just around the corner and was walking home with it and a guy was crossing the street towards me and it was Domestic Violence Guy so I just ignored him. But he beelined at me and said “‘Bi Polar Man.’ I heard about your letters.” Real nasty.

Like my opinion of him was supposed to be a secret and he just found me out.

He is so confused. I would never call a guy who screams obscenities at women a “man.” Also I call him Domestic Violence Guy and only throw in Bi Polar once in a while to be polite. Also, he is in more than letters he is a full fledged star on Celluloid Blonde where nothing about my contempt for him is or ever has been secret. It is public record — right along with the [not secret] police reports on file for each time I have had to call the police on his ass.

But my hands were full with mirror so I did not stop to correct him.

Dingbat Domestic Violence Guy.

I love the new mirror.


where the art work comes from :
that is dissociation ii by chaovsky

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  1. congrats on your mirror. you’ll need it to see if DVG yutz is sneaking up on you.

    g’morning max

  2. DVG is not worth seven years of bad luck.
    Way to show control Max!


  3. Question:

    If you were to break the mirror over DVG’s head, who gets the bad luck?

    I mean, it’s his head after all…

    Just wonderin’.

  4. max

    Jeez, not the mirror. If that mirror broke someone would get immediate bad luck for breaking my big beautiful new mirror and that someone would not be me.

    It is too bad. DVG has been quiet lately and also has a ritzy new hair cut that almost makes him attractive in an “I will never be handsome but I can be cosmopolitan” kind of way. And then he has to ruin it with his same old snakey sneak attack at girls ways. Oh well.

  5. A buddy of mine lived next to this white trash couple in a fairly nice apartment complex. Their fighting got so bad that sometimes at 2 a.m. he had to bang on the wall and yell, “Stop beating your wife so we can get some sleep.” Of course when he finally walked over and confronted the guy one morning the wife beater responded in the way almost every woman beating coward does when confronted by someone who will fight back- “Oh, I’m so sorry man. I’ll keep it down.”

    Not sure why I told that story other than you mentioning domestic violence.

  6. Well, I’d be inclined to break it over his head, give him the bad luck, and then sue his ass for breaking the mirror with his head.

    I can be a bitch like that when I have a headache… which I do.

  7. A real neighbor would have offered to help carry your mirror. Thank god you didn’t bust up laughing when he said, ” Bi polar man” That is funny and a little scary.

  8. max

    He is probably sewing spandex as we type. Oh the horror.

  9. When did we start calling him DVG? That is funny, sort of like a brand of underwear.

    I can’t believe he reads your blog. Hell I can’t believe he’s literate! Hell I can’t believe you gave him a compliment.

  10. max

    I do not think he reads the blog. That would involve being cognizant of the destruction he spreads and who the people are it impacts. I think he was talking about email I send management each time he goes on a tear.

  11. who IS this freak?! are you sure it’s not my ex-husband? of course i must know where do you get your mirrors?

  12. max

    I got the mirror at Bed Bath & Beyond. If this is your ex may I return him?

  13. Glad you’re raising hell about him. Domestic violence should never be ignored. But why do you suppose the woman stays with him?

  14. max

    I do not care. There is a point at which someone crosses a line into the co-contributor zone. She is in that category.

  15. hmmmmmm….that’s a point you seldom here made. It’s sort of politically incorrect even. true though

    evenin max

  16. if more people agreed with max on this one maybe there would be less excuses for remaining a punching bag

  17. Co dependency, CriminyJicket (Jesus I almost butchered your name several times).

  18. Either that or the sex between violence guy and his other must be really outrageous or something.

  19. yeah, i used to do that to…now i just cut and paste it

  20. max

    There are at times reasons for staying in a bad situation which are valid. She does not have those reasons. And she shields him. When the cops show, she answers the door and acts very presentable and calm and like nothing is wrong. And this has been going on a year — and spilling into my life. If she is happy with a guy who overuses the word “cunt” and screams it repeatedly in her life, fine that is her business, but when it spills over into mine? She and he are making their problems my problem and that does not fly with me and I hold her accountable too.

  21. unfortunately you’re probably right. It doesn’t ever seem to get better, so staying is a dangerous choice no matter the reasons…except it sounds like in their case it’s just how they are

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