dog year dog rules


The party was fun. Dog wore Mardis Gras beads and a shirt that on the back said “My Year My Rules” —

and had this giant chicken piñata [sp?] he wrestled, and I am going to pretend there are absolutely no connotations to a man wrestling an enormous papier maché chicken outside of send the Year of the Rooster out and usher the Year of the Dog in —

Most people were betting on the chicken but Dog had a fancy wrestler’s mask —

and the chicken did not —

which I guess made all the difference because Dog won — well sort of won Dog AND the chicken ended up on the floor but the chicken was missing its head and Dog still had his attached so we will say Dog won —

and here we are in Year of the Dog. Yay!


p.s. there were more men than women at the party so it was not the all girl smooch bash i thought it might be, dog did not introduce me to the cute guy at the party, i heard a great love story that is true — the kind of true you cannot put in a movie no one will believe it — from another writer


8 Responses to dog year dog rules

  1. Oh. My. God.

    That is hysterical.

    I am not surprised.

  2. max

    I am telling you, you have not lived till you have seen a full grown man in a wrestling mask on the floor with an oversized papier mache chicken.

  3. wow…a two year old chinese new year party..that’s just plain good fun

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  5. Hahahahahahha! Hilarious!

  6. max

    It was so great. Also, he postponed the chicken wrestling match so I could grab a smoke before the event. Dog rocks.

  7. max

    [also do not think it is easy getting shots with a cell phone of a man wrestling a giant papier mache chicken in a dark bar i so get points for that]

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