dodge this


You are —


“Touch me and that hand will never touch anything again.”


[Hey Stil is hitting town today I may get a little busy but lucky you I have totally stacked the que yay!]


:::what superheroine are you:::


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  1. We’re twins again.

    Damn we’d make a kick ass team.

  2. Lara Croft.

    Does that mean I get Brad too?

  3. I’m Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Apparently my native pragmatism is a more salient quality than my knack for lifting heavy things.

    Take good care of Stil. I can’t wait for the stories.

  4. max

    Michele, it means your breasts are about to grow. And grow. And grow….

    Sled for sure there will be stories but whether we will tell them….

    [Wow today is ellipses day.]

  5. I’ll take that. The lips too…

  6. aj

    You Are Lara Croft

    “Everything lost is meant to be found.”

  7. max

    You know that quiz is just mocking you right? A loose translation would be, “Where are the photo files now bitch?”

  8. aj

    Absolutely not. I am a delicate flower.

  9. I don’t need to take this quiz. I can tell you I’m fat, mousy haired, and the left side of my cheek broke out horribly. And I have bags under my eyes.

    What Superhero am I?

  10. Oh, sorry – make that right side – the right side of my cheek broke out, probably to match the bag under the right eye.

  11. Pssst…I was Trinity, but I already knew that.

  12. max

    Stil. “The caller is in the house.”

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