dilemma of the black pumps


vanitasI have still —

Not replaced my black pumps. So, everytime I need to wear a pair of black pumps, I wear black pumps that are too tight. This resulted in me almost crippling myself at Gee’s memorial service. There is not a lot of walking at a memorial service but there is a lot of standing and by the time I got home I was wondering if I had permanently maimed my feet.

[My feet were wondering the same thing and letting me know about it — not in a nice way.]

Must. Shop. For. Shoes. Now.


[This is totally an excuse for birthday shoe shopping so not a total disaster btw. There is this rule of the universe though — if you know exactly what you want and you need to find it pronto it will be impossible to find. If I did not need black pumps I would see cool to die for black pumps every day.]


where the art work comes from :
that is vanitas from chaovsky

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  1. Oh you definately need to go shoe shopping.

  2. Kym

    I’m sure there is a special hell (along with ones for those who talk in the theater and those who molest small children) for bad women in which the perfect pair of pants or shoes is always glimpsed but unattainable.

    In my former life, I must have been very bad.

  3. max

    I find it really entertaining you put people who talk in the theater in the same hell as people who molest children.

    I do not, though, think in a former life you were very bad.

  4. I’ve heard that clear heels can be painted black. If you see lots of clear healed shoes you might want to try purchasing them and painting them black.


    I’m a what?


  5. max

    Um. If I ever am in the job market AS A POLE DANCER Fork I will take that clear heals suggestion.


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