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The most difficult things for me to do is designate.

I have people to designate to, too. They are qualified. The are smart. They can do the work.

Also I pay them to be smart, to be qualified, and to do the work.



I made videos of how to do the work for these smart designated people too.

Seriously those vids are so in depth those smart designated people could follow those vids and keep things going if I were dead.

For a long time.



Here’s the thing. I am faster. Doy. I am immediate. Doy. I created the matrix they are in. Doy.

So a lot of the time, the impulse is, rather than send a note telling someone to do something? Just do it.



I suspect that “do it” impulse rather than “designate it” impulse is killing me.

One person cannot do everything and it is insanity to not hand work off to smart capable people who can do the work.

I do give myself points for hiring those people in the first place. Okay I don’t always hand work off to them. But I did freaking hire them.


That totally points on some level to a sense of self preservation.


One Response to designating

  1. I totally get what you’re saying. I’m guilty of the same – at work and on a personal level too.

    When I’ve asked someone to help me with something or they’ve offered – I nicely explain how I would like it done. If they have a better suggestion of how to accomplish the task, that’s fine.

    But if that trust is broken – if they don’t keep their word – I just stay silent and go back to doing it myself. Even when I don’t have the time.

    Surely this is not the best way to handle it. I should focus more on that self preservation thing you mentioned.


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