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waking v by mansel daviesI went to the dentist today.

I had to. I snapped the bonding on one of my front teeth which is always bad news and if nothing else will force me in to see the dentist looking like Annie Oakley will. I had to get up at 6:30 am to make the only appointment I could get too which will show you just how vain I am because I have to be really motivated to get up at 6:30 am.

Tragically I have not been to see the dentist in a while so I have had all kinds of dental guilt and when I went in I said please do not cry when I open my mouth I already have the dental guilt okay? And she said okay and I opened my mouth and —

She said things looked pretty good.

Then she stuck all kinds of nasty slabs of plastic and cardboard in my mouth and hid behind a door and clacked off little zotty x-rays [she is totally that way once she has you there hello you are going to get rays the end] and I thought, Here it comes.

And it did not come. She showed me those x-rays and they were totally clean. The only thing wrong is my messed up bonding which we started fixing right away and hooray! No more Annie Oakley!

Listen I am not going to tell you how long I put off going to the dentist — okay it has been since the last time my bonding broke, damn bonding — but we were really scared.


where the art work comes from :
that is from the waking up series by mansel davies

[you will not find the waking photos on his
commercial site though you will find them

18 Responses to dental forays

  1. When is the right time to see a Japanese dentist?

    Tooth Hurty.

  2. You’ve taken your first step into a much larger world, max

  3. I’d just have to stay up a little later to make that appointment. No way I could wake up at 6:30 unless you called the little bit of sleep I got before that a catnap.
    Glad your xrays were good.

  4. max

    I got about an hour of sleep.

  5. max

    It helps tremendously to not exactly be awake at the dentist’s. I am sort of a problem patient going in, the less awake I am the better.

  6. queensbroad

    I have terrible fears of the dentist. childish, I know. But they exist. I can pump out two kids but I can’t face novocaine?

    Two years ago I had to have root canal, and people told me there had been “great advances in the field of dentistry” (Austin Powers, that), and it wouldn’t be that bad. And I went and it was worse than my worst fear.

    So now I am REALLY messed up.

    Should I fly to LA and see your dentist??

  7. californiablogging

    Poor little girl dosen’t want to go to the dentist! You are so funny.

  8. californiablogging

    OK! To be fair I’ve been known to pop some calms before I go into the dentist.

  9. max

    Queen, there is something [and I cannot spell this but I will give it my best shot] called something like carnocaine? It is less stable than novacaine but it does not have epinephrine in it like novacaine does. Epinephrine sends me through the wall so novacaine is wild rough on me and whenever she can she uses the carnocaine stuff on me instead and that helps a lot. Maybe you just have a really bad reaction to epinephrine like I do?

    My dentist is the first dentist ever who saw the reaction I have to novacaine and instead of acting like I was out of my head or having a panic attack or something said, Say, do you know there is epinephrine in novacaine? No dentist ever made that connection before she is very smart and very good and I do not go to other dentists ever I would fly here from New York to see her.

  10. max

    Oh one cool new thing in dentist stuff. I used to have to choke down twelve antibiotic pills before I went to the dentist. Then it went down to eight. Then it went down to four. Now it is none. Yay!

  11. californiablogging

    I swear I didn’t see Queens comment when I said mine. I only laugh at people I know….. I am irish it’s a sign of endearment.

  12. You know, this reminds me…

    I still need to get in to get the filling replaced that popped out while boxing a few weeks ago.

    Anywho…good to know there wasn’t anything serious :)

  13. Congratulations, Max! I haven’t been to one in like, three years. I found a coupon in the mail for a real cheap appt…coincidentally, it’s my friend’s friend who opened a business in the mall. So I’m crossing my fingers……you’ve given me hope! Except…I don’t think you eat as much Skittles, Sweet Tarts, and Twizzlers as I…

    I hope the x-ray tech is as hot as the guy who used to take pics of mine when I lived in Europe…I so should have gotten on that…ooops, sorry. I almost forgot I was engaged. But if I knew I’d be getting divorced I – oh never mind. I’m off topic, huh? I just ate two cherry pop tarts and chugged a real Coke. I’m tweakin’. Out of my mind!

  14. max

    Back up. What was the engaged part again?

  15. max


  16. Well, I was married, remember?

    These days I think everyone has an ex under their belt.

  17. max

    Oh past tense. Never mind.

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