jeffrey dean morganI do not want to name any names [cough cough AJ! cough cough] but someone told me Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in Supernatural and so off I trotted to watch Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Supernatural and is he in Supernatural? Yes, he is, he is in the prologue of the first episode and after that IS MISSING IN ACTION IN EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.

Someone is in so much trouble.


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  1. I have GOT to start watching more TV.

  2. max

    Aj will not roll out of bed till 3 pm my time so I can say scurrilous things about her all day long without back talk. How cool is that?

    Anita, yes, you are missing manly man friskiness on TV.

  3. He’s not missing in action – he’s just shaving.

  4. Lovely weather we’re having……So did you have to get the whole box set of Supernatural or was that a season pass too? Did you watch all of them looking for Jeffery Dean Morgan? Because it could factor in to how much trouble Aj is in, right? ?

  5. aj

    Good Morning!

    I think if you take the time to IMDb Mr Morgan, you will find he does appear in Supernatural and for pretty much an entire Season.

    I accept apologies at

  6. max

    In the first disk of the series Mr. Morgan appears in the first ten minutes of the first ep and then no more Mr. Morgan. Nada. Zippo. Zilch.

    Explanations may be filed with

  7. aj

    I do not believe I ever stated what season Mr Morgan appeared in. I do believe I said “Mr Morgan is in Supernatural” which is realy a broad statement and also one benefiting you and your “research”.

    Due to an overwhelming amount of apologies, they can now be filed at

  8. max

    I saw those quote marks Miss Sass.


  9. Mr. Morgan looks delicious and worthy of catfighting. In this photo he looks a little like Robert Downey Jr.

  10. aj

    I love it when you growl.

  11. max

    Hey that was a good growl too I put in the lip quiver and everything.

    You were blinded by pervy infatuation with Jensen Ackles and not even paying attention to anyone else in the show, weren’t you?

  12. aj

    I do like the older brother, I must admit. However I am slightly disturbed by his constant shiney lips and fear an over-use of lip balm.

  13. max

    Oh great, now the rest of the show I will be twitchy for signs of Carmex abuse.

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  15. Yeah, honestly Max, I don’t remember seeing this guy in Supernatural at all. Somebody told a little white lie!

  16. max

    Little? White?

    That was the black deception o’ death hugeness lie.

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