death by horoscope ii : we are going in

fox brideOkay.

It is officially February.


The time is set.

4 pm pacific standard time.

That is 10 am AJ time.

Do not even think that is simple.

Organizing cross continent real time internet foray.


We are organized.


Holy fuck we are brave.


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  1. Holy shish kabob! I just read my horoscope and she is so dead on! I was going to suggest that perhaps it’s in your best interest to find a new astrologer but damn, she is good! How did she know???

    Good luck, brave souls. Good luck, because you will need it. March on!

  2. I jumped in….

    “Powerful forces are gathering in the publishing / broadcasting / higher education sector of your chart that will soon bring you a new opportunity to extend your influence, possibly overseas.”

    That and I will be reemed at work next week. Looking forward to it.

  3. She told me I’m broke. And that I’m pretty much gonna stay that way.

    I chose to file my horoscope under: “Duh.”

  4. Sophia

    Oh, she is soooo good at what she’s doing. According to her very accurate charts, I’m gonna get a job promotion. Too bad I’m unemployed. I’m also going to spend a very romantic Valentine’s day with a new romance. I wonder what hubby has to say about this. Before I forget, if anyone wants to call me on the eigth, I’m sorry but I won’t be picking up. Father Neptune will pay me a visit (aka flood) if I get too preoccupied with a phone call.

    What do I say? Have a good month! Be brave!

  5. How much do we have to pay her to lie to us?

  6. Sophia

    Have you seen her picture? I guess we’ll have to pay her as much as a good face lift costs. Which may not be true as we can’t see her boobs. If she needs a job there also, we’re doomed.

  7. aj

    Don’t rile her up Sophia, the witch throws rocks.

  8. I am going to have fairy dust sprinkled on me on Feb. 13th.

    She’s making an appearance near me in Feb. so I checked that date in my horoscope and it doesn’t say anything about me pushing anyone down any stairs. I take that to mean Feb. will be a good month for Capricorn.

  9. aj

    The bitch just took out Valentines Day…

    “Romantically, what you learn about your steady sweetheart or partner early in the month could put a damper on Valentine’s Day. There is a small possibility that the problem will stem from an unfortunate miscommunication, for Neptune’s position could promote mixed messages”

  10. max

    Uh oh. Apparently I am going to hit rock bottom finances tomorrow. Fortunately though AJ should play the lotto that is her lucky day so I have someone to borrow money from.

  11. max

    [Of course she will be busy destroying her relationship with German on Valentine’s Day so I better get that cash quick while I can.]

  12. aj

    Leo Report, condensed to save you time and tears.

    Full report: Dear Leo, you will be misled by someone, be depressed on the 10th, have a fight with your partner that will ruin Valentines day, cannot sign papers or use electronics because Merc is going direct…. but… don’t worry, the universe loves you!

    In short: your life just went to shit, but Pluto thinks your cute.

  13. max

    Capricorn condensed: You are broke and it is not your fault.

    Aquarius condensed: Someone you consider a friend hates you.

    [This means Leo is not going to lend me money when she wins the lotto right?]

  14. This stuff slays me…I use a Magic Eight Ball to look into my future.

    The idea is when I start to take this stuff seriously I can bash myself in the head until I stop.

    I don’t know who Susan is- but maybe she should do the same

    HI MAX!
    Anita Marie

  15. max

    Hey, Anita. Where are those stories you said you were posting in late January?

  16. Hey…lets ask Susan!
    Shtinnggg and Anita scores.
    No just kidding…was off saving the world and now as soon as I quit gabbing and playing on-line Mahjong they should be up pretty darn soon.
    Anita M.

  17. I was addicted to a magic 8 ball as a teenager. LOL.

  18. trenchy

    yep, that pretty much sums up this Cap.

  19. max

    Oh you are my favorite Cap.

  20. Who is your favorite Cap? :::tap tap tap:::

  21. max

    Kitty. I mean Trench. I mean Kitty. I mean… why do I feel like I am in the movie Chinatown?

  22. Stiletto Girl

    Your post reminds me of this song:

  23. max

    My post reminds you of a Jimmy Hendrix song?

    That has never happened before.

  24. Stiletto Girl

    Hey, first time for everything lol

  25. trenchy

    hmm, even I was your third favorite Cap, you’d think most of my comments wouldn’t be deleted…

  26. max

    Trench, were those viagara posts from you?

    I am sorry if I had known that was you I would not have deleted those.

  27. trenchy

    No way. Cialis is the way to go, even though the FDA has not approved it for “multiple attempts”.

  28. max

    I am afraid to know what multiple attempts translates to there. Isn’t one four hour erection enough?

    Okay do not answer that.

  29. I hate her now. She said I was going to have money issues and fight with someone about money issues and ever since I stumbled upon that reading it has been a SERIOUS ISSUE NON STOP.


  30. max

    Susan is the devil.

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