death by eggnog


I am massively ill today. Maybe it was the two tall lattes. Maybe it was the three tall eggnogs. Hell, for all I know, it is bubonic plague. Me, I suspect the eggnog.

That stuff is so getting tossed —

Just as soon as I can handle smells again.

too much eggnog by delaney

Your Death By Eggnog Is Not For The Weak Adams Girl

where the art came from :
that is a card by delaney go see it at planet pooks


20 Responses to death by eggnog

  1. aj

    I warned you. “straight from the chickens ass”

  2. max

    Jeez, aj. Don’t say stuff like that to sick people.

  3. Sophia

    Is it the same eggnog you were heating up and it getting cold again and again and again last night? And I’m so totally ignoring aj’s chicken ass comment (though I have the impression it’s directly connected to my what-is-an-eggnog-made-of question).

  4. max

    Yes it is that eggnog.

  5. Sophia

    I am not going to say that drinking raw eggs and god knows what else is not the wisest idea and how totally yack it is and blah blah blah. I promised I’ll be good today. Have you tried some tea? Do you, by the way, have what we call “mountain tea” there? If you do, try it. It’s perfect for a poor, screwed up stomach.

  6. max

    Wow I am so glad you did not say that.

    There is some tea here. No mountain tea, but some white green tea and some cammomile, I think. I will try it. Thanks.

  7. Sophia

    Get well soon, shiny little girl. Smooch!

  8. max

    The tea has been helping a lot. That was a good call Sophia.

  9. feel better, Max!

    (i’ll presume this is one of those occasions where a loofa would not be of any particular assistance)

  10. Sophia

    Glad you’re feeling better. Now, if that tea was in fact Mirco, you’d be bouncing like a ping pong ball… next time, my friend. I (almost) promise, next promise.

  11. max

    Hi, Chris.

    [Tragically a loofa would have been wasted on me. And probably Mirco too unless, hmm, I wonder if Mirco does foot rubs.]

  12. “Straight from the chickens ass.”

    Okay, that one cleaned out my sinuses again. Can’t stop laughing at that one.
    Glad you are better, Max. Eggnog hangover, oh, that has got to be the worst thing ever because it’s nasty enough going down. But back up again?

  13. max

    You two girls know how entirely wrong it is to say that within hearing of someone who is sick, right? Yesterday that was a trip straight to the bathroom and today I still cannot even choke a Diet Coke down. Show mercy.

  14. You have bug if you are sick for that long, Max. Hope you’re feeling better now.

  15. I am now hoping you gave my cookies to a homeless person.

  16. max

    For some unexplainable reason I just did not feel like eating cookies that day the cookies are safe just on hold.

    I got my carbonated morning beverage of choice today though yay!

  17. try soy eggnog… it will put hair on your chest.

  18. max

    Trench, no boy is going to marry a girl with hair on her chest.

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