dear psycho batshit crazy helicopter guy


nazi_helicopterDear Psycho Batshit Crazy Helicopter Guy :

I am not sure whether you are aware of this or not but West Hollywood is not a war zone.

I am trying to work with you here. I shut all my windows to block your noise out.

But —

You are flying so low to ground and so close to my building that just results in me being smoked out by my own cigs while my windows and walls still shake from your batshit crazy flight plan.

And —


It is not just tonight either Batshit Crazy Pilot Guy. You do this every night. That is a pattern. A rut. It is not good for you. Don’t you want to get out of that pattern? Don’t you want to get out of that rut? Don’t you have family? A home? A girlfriend? Somewhere, ANYWHERE else to be but here?

Please go raptor another neighborhood for a little while. Just a little while off would allow me to recollect my composure and maybe even delicately overlook YOUR GOD DAMN ABERRANT FLIGHT PATTERN.

Love and Kisses,

Your Please Stop It Adams Girl


*By the way, just a reminder, hello, homosexuals are not terrorists. Also I am not even homosexual so how wrong is it I have to bring that up?


*By by the way, am I unsane or did Channel 2 News just say President Clinton was impeached? [Hint, I am not unsane, Channel 2 News just did say that. Wrong Again Channel 2 News.]


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  1. Jordan

    If you’d just turn over all the dead homosexuals you’re clearly stashing in refrigerator maybe crazy psycho pilot could rest. He’s on a mission you see, he can’t just stop until he has fulfilled his masters bidding…which entails collecting all the dead homosexuals you have stashed in your fridge. Just lay them out on your porch and so he can collect them and return to the grave.


    Clinton was impeached. He wasn’t convicted.

  2. max

    Oh you goofball, those are not the dead bodies of homosexuals, those are the dead bodies of my romantic past. Get it right already.

  3. Jordan

    God Damn it! That bastard is flying the wrong route again! I clearly instructed him to pick up dead homosexuals, not the romantic refuse of blond screenwriters! – You know what it is? He’s got a script in the Nicholls. That’s it, he told me about it, some shit about a teenage girl who gets pregnant…anyway, it was terrible. Guy’s trying to grind away at your nerves so you get all emotional and pass his hokey crap onto a second read. Stay strong!

  4. max

    Oh that will not work. I did not even read tonight I thought the helicopter made me too surly to fairly read.

  5. max

    [Do not think that is not a problem either, if I cannot read tonight because of THAT GOD DAMN HELICOPTER I have to read double tomorrow. Ow ow ow.]

  6. Three hours of this every night?
    Do you live near a trauma hospital?

  7. max

    No. West Hollywood has a large gay population and the police get all excitable any time anything goes down with gay rights so they were madcap after prop 8 went down again. It was actually quiet tonight though, the chopper started at 7:30 but settled down after about a half hour. Big relief. I really hate that chopper.

  8. forkboy1965

    The least the copter pilot could do would be to play Pet Shop Boys over a loudspeaker. That should make everything much better.

    And yeah…House impeached him, but Senate acquitted him. But as I don’t know what precisely was said by Channel 2 they still may have gotten it wrong.

    I’m not helping, am I?

  9. max

    LOL — Pet Shop Boys might really cheer up my gay neighbors. Can I have Beastie Boys?

    I thought you were not impeached unless you lost and had to leave office. Like, Nixon was not impeached because he resigned from office when impeachement looked like a shoe in and he would be forced to leave? Otherwise, it was just initializing impeachment proceedings, not actually being impeached. Sheesh. Now I have to look this up.

  10. Great stuff, I have been browsing around and I enjoyed it

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