dear movers...


dissociation_iDear Movers —

I wish to congratulate you on your exemplary job attacking and mashing boxes marked “shoes.” Truly I have never seen more zealous attempts on the life of shoes from movers before. Excellent work! Tragically and with heavy heart however I must tell you, though your zealous efforts did severe damage to the pretty [and somewhat pricey] clear plastic containers containing the shoes in said boxes, the shoes themselves, against all odds, remain unharmed.


Yours in Consternation,


That Adams Girl With Shoes


where the art work comes from :
that is from chaovsky

[chaovsky moved his gallery btw
he kept getting grief from flickr]

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  1. sheer poetry Max. Laughed -well giggled as I’ve yet to go to bed- and can only hope that nothing was damaged and you’re done with your own personal heel known as… moving.

  2. Long time, girl! Hey, you moved again?! I know writers don’t do phone — is your # all the same, btw? — but I wish you were on FB. My bookmarks were gone and I had hard time to come back. Tonight, I did extensive web search to come back here. Now I’m so sleepy. How’s everything?

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