dear god


Dear God :

If I have to have the complexion of a sixteen year old it is only fair I get to have the body of a sixteen year old too.


Love and Kisses,

Your Adams Girl


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  1. Dear Adams Girl,
    I found one for you that doesn’t smell like Clearasil
    His name is Sydney.
    Knock Yourself Out.

    Hugs and A Pinch on the cheek from

  2. max

    Cripes, Anita, I do not want to bed a 16 year old, take him away before we all go to jail.

  3. Kym

    Dear Adams Girl,

    If I give you the body of a 16year old, you have to have the angst along with it. Sorry, even God can only do so much.

    Put Ivory soap on the breakouts. Let it dry. God helps those who help themselves.

    See you much much later,
    From He who knows all but still blushes when He accidentally opens the door on what you’ve been thinking (rough wall sex indeed!)

  4. Jordan

    Dear God:

    If I have to have the libido of Ron Jeremy…

  5. max

    I did not have much angst as a 16 year old. A lot of rage. Not much angst.

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