dear diary


netsDear Diary :

Met Steven for breakfast to give him notes on his new project. Dashed to Four Seasons for my super secret sexy rendezvous with Colin. Went through an excruciating work out with my super sexy trainer. [Too bad that guy is gay. He has the best abs.] Stood in at a bachelorette auction and got won by George. Fancy dinner and drinks was fun but he got sort of fresh. Sheesh, you would think that guy dropped a million at that auction. Oh. Wait. He did. Never mind. Anyway, it was for a good cause. Orphans. Diamonds in the mail from my favorite jewel thief. I wonder if these are too hot to take to a jeweler? Candy and flowers and an Arabian stallion from that Arab sheik who keeps stalking me. Jeesh. That guy does not understand “no.” Okay, he does not understand English. Finished the night off with Cristal and a Princess Mononoke dvd. The horse thinks Mononoke needs more horses. We are having big discussions on whether horses get to sleep on the bed. The horse is bigger. He may win.

Okay just kidding.

[Like I really get up for breakfast meetings. Pfft.]

Love and Kisses,

Your Living the Dream Adams Girl


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