dear diary


bajemaYesterday read five scripts. Wrote reports.

Today read one script, four assignments, wrote full review on script and assignments. Uploaded workshop exercise — cheated, used old one. Did something else important I forget. Oh yeah, ate. [*Hint: Do not accidentally enter 70 instead of 7 on the microwave when heating Stouffers frozen lasagna.]

Lay down because odd white spot is appearing in computer text. [Um, that goes away right?]

Tomorrow review four treatments. Also must read nine scripts. Not tomorrow though. Just by Wednesday. And write reports.

Is this quite sane?

where the art work comes from :
that is bajema, who I have loved and followed for probably more than five years now, she is tiffy about people replicating her work so this may not work out, also she is not updating her website at present, tragedy


9 Responses to dear diary

  1. Max-
    I’ve been writing all weekend-
    I’ve been living off the Pizza I ordered on Friday.
    I thought it was almost time to have some dinner
    ( more pizza ) and just discovered it’s only 10:54…IN THE MORNING.
    Send Help.

  2. max

    I am laughing so hard.

    Pizza is the perfect breakfast food.

  3. Actually- it was pretty good.

    Now if I could only find a place that delivered Pez.

    I’m out.

    Guess who’s heading out to the grocery store now?

  4. max

    It is funny to me you will live off old pizza for three days but running out of Pez is an emergency that requires a road trip.

  5. PEZ? Are you talking about those silly little candy dispensers? lol you’re addicted to those?

  6. Zachary loves the Pez toys but has no use for the candy….. if he see’s me with a Pez he knows I am trying to steal candy. It’s war! Ironically, I’ve been known to bribe him with pizza, and apples for a weekend. Just so I can get some work done or until his nanny comes Mon. afternoon.

  7. max

    Say tomorrow’s post is about Zach and has his youtube piece in it, you are okay with that right?

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